Monday, September 1, 2008

Best of the TNA Title Matches - Disc #1

1) Ron "the Truth" Killings v. Jeff Jarrett- 3
2) Jeff Jarrett v. AJ Styles- 3
3) Jeff Jarrett v. AJ Styles v. Raven- 5
4) AJ Styles v. DLo Brown (Ladder Match)- 6

Red= Green- it's an old adage in this business, but it's not always true. Jarrett does a massive blade job for a match that certainly doesn't warrant it. Jarrett can't sell Truth's new age offense; they try and it doens't work, ex. being his front layout suplex Jarrett goes down on one knee like he's in ready position for a marathon. This is mostly just a brawl, one that after Truth kicks out of all of Jarrett's big moves, it goes into the crowd brawl section culminating in a backyard table spot, at best. This match goes way too long because it was dying on the vine since the bell rang and Vince Russo coming out dressed like the first ever KKK-luchadore doesn't do it any favors. Jarrett and Styles starts out quite nice, with Jarrett going airborn with a crazy suicide splash over the top rope, but it simmers down tremendously with AJ "dumbing" down his style and hitting a lot of punches. Both men posess great dropkicks and those were among the highlights here; lowlights include the Harris Boys, Sonny Siaki, Vader, Dusty Rhodes and Russo all interfering before it's over as well as several blown spots.

This 3 way had a good pace and everyone looked motivated here. Raven's offense looked crisp and he was in good shape- some pretty well timed 3 way spots were pushing this match towards recommendable status, then you had Shane Douglas pull Raven out of the ring and push him into a table propped up against a fire exit door which promptly opened- Duh! In a really painful looking spot, AJ exectued a springboard 450 splash only to meet Jarrett's knees in the midsection. Russo once again popped up and swerved Jarrett, his specialty and I really wish he would stop wearing cutoff shirts. This wasn't much of a ladder match, meaning not a lot of spots consisted of using it but these guys came to impress working some intricate spots outside with the guardrail before ladder was in play. AJ was being his usual stiff self including throwing the ladder at D'lo's face several times, making me cringe upon contact. Then, there was D'Lo setting up AJ on a table outside then setting up a ladder, climbing all the way to the top then diving off with a gigantic splash absolutely crushing Styles under his weight. A Sick, violent spot that should have been the end of this match. I kept thinking, "No way D'lo's attempting this, AJ going's to move, holy shit none of that happened and I just witnessed a murder!" Sonny Siaki rears his Rock-wannabe head again to no pop, and AJ goes over in a badly planned finish where D'Lo didn't break his table just bounced off of it like a 4-Square ball.

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