Sunday, September 28, 2008

WCW WorldWide- 09/22/96

Announcers: Tony Schiavone/ Bobby Heenan
1) Rey Mysterio jr. v. Super Calo- 4
2) Alex Wright v. Randy Starks- 2
3) Stevie Ray v. Rick Steiner- 3
4) Rough & Ready v. Cliff Sheets/ Casey Thompson- 1
5) VK Wallstreet v. Johnny Boone- 3
6) Taskmaster/ Konnan v. The Armstrongs- 3

We kick it off with cruiserweight action and I like this pairing- well, it's kind of hard to put Rey up against someone he can't work with. Calo will sell things big and it's a treat to watch him play against Mr. 619 because his timing and ring work, especially at this time, were unparalleled. Rey hits his fin and doesn't cover about halfway through, so later he just randomly hits it out of nowhere after Calo had just hit a big move- strange finish but still good work. Starks is another hulkish brute hired to make a young kid look good- Wright had a nice standing dropkick but is still struggling to be able to work all styles. This match kind of drags even though it's only about 2 minutes. This match seems oddly placed on the show but it's not for lack of talent- both men throw some clubbing blows and this looks to be the beginning of a tag team title feud- shows you how devalued those belts were when the Nwo came in, starting the program on their 3rd tier show, although they have the best announce team of the 3 weekend programs. The line of the night came after Heenan questioned why Steiner barks- Bobby: "Why does that man bark? What, does he have the mind of a chiahuahua?" Tony: "Yes, but he has the heart of a champion."

Next, we get a repeat of the tag match from Pro and it's just as bad this time. Let's give an example of R & R's stellar team work- Enos holds Sheets up in a bodyslam position and Slater punches him, and Enos drops him. Yeah, you starting to see why this team never got off the ground? The jobbers are just from the bottom rung of the ladder and are undoubtedly working a conveyor belt in a chicken processing plant right now. Is Johnny Boone now a ref? (Adam, can you help me out here?) Rotundo dumps him on his head, Japan style, with a Doc suplex right off the bat and this automatically gets 2 points. He roughs the youngster up until he succinctly finishes him with a sloppy samoan drop. The main is wild- Sullivan takes Scott to the side of the stage and pitches him off a staircase- later Konnan gets the same hair up his drug-smuggling ass and throws Steve into a metal stage off to the side. The Armstrongs get pissed though and start fighting back with some real shots that they definitley didn't learn from that geriatric Bullet Bob. It's the Dungeon of Doom with the win in the end, as the Leprecauhn came down and bit Steve's ankle like a hungry Doberman. I think Konnan got potatoed because they show him hurt outside after the match as Tony slyly says "they had to earn that one."

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