Friday, September 26, 2008

WCW Pro- 09/22/96

Announcers: Chris Cruise/ Dusty Rhodes/ Larry Zybyzsko
1) Renegade/ Joe Gomez v. The Faces of Fear- 3
2) Mr. JL v. Chris Benoit- 4
3) The Armstrongs v. Harlem Heat- 2
4) Rough & Ready v. Cliff Sheets/ Casey Thompson- 1
5) DDP v. Chavo Guerrero jr.- 2

Besides getting extra food at the drive through, fooling around with your woman in an elevator and NERF products, there isn't anything much better than watching Meng and Barbarian just bludgeon a couple of suckas. And that's what we have here. Renegade and Gomez sloppily fight back but it's to no avail only to see their ridiculous long hair get flopped back everytime they sell a punch like they're front row at a death metal concert. Benoit put JL through the paces with several impactful strikes and he sold them well, as usual, but I think with some concerted effort, this could have turned into a full blown midcard match, it just didn't have the legs to stand on. JL took a hell of a Dragon suplex, an old move from Benoit's arsenal. I was looking forward to seeing the Heat work some of Road Dogg's kin, but this was nothing more than a time killer- Booker T made short work of his mullet-adorning opponents as soon as he stepped in, besides that, we get to see Stevie Ray do a few kicks, didn't really tickle my taint though. Rough & Ready is Mike Enos & Dick Slater in leather chaps and the announcers were putting them over as the next Champions. Chris Cruise said "Mike Enos has a presence in that ring," and I can only answer that with a resounding "yes, he's much shittier than when he was in AWA, so i do notice his presence." I've seen disfigured bulldogs with prettier faces than Slater and years had not been kind to his personal appearance or ring work because he pretty much stayed out of the match. I have to talk about their opposition- both out of shape, slothful meathogs who had no business being in the ring and tried to fight back. There's a hilarious exchange where they are both out near the floor and get an initiation that most assuredly had their fatty wives massaging them later that night. Our main event was a rematch from Fall Brawl that Chavo got started early by jumping Page. For some unknown reason, the ring was rotating for the first few minutes on this circular platform. What purpose it served, don't know but the announcers didn't make mention of it. This was contested mostly in a headlock and was pretty much a waste of talent. I liked the set of this place though; it was all brick walls and felt like the inside of a large pizza place, complete with brick ovens in the wall.

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