Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WCW Saturday Night- 09/21/96

Announcers: Dusty Rhodes/ Mike Tenay
1) The Armstrongs v. The Amazing French-Canadians- 2
2) Disco Inferno v. Jim Powers- 2
3) DDP v. Super Calo- 3
4) Taskmaster/ Konnan v. Mr. JL/ Joe Gomez- 2
5) Rey Mysterio jr. v. Juventud Guerrera- 4

Our opening tag contest was basically a series of double team moves performed by both teams- it was probably under 2 min. total. Remember when Carl Oulette played a pirate? well, for some reason he's still wearing the same eye patch here. not sure why. Powers was managed by a chunky Teddy Long for some reason and his apparel's design could only be described as the mismash of colors not found since a Wendy's bathroom from 1991. This one lasted 45 seconds and ended with Jimmy hitting a pretty sweet powerslam. Shocked me. Calo seemed to be a perfect job guy because he's decent at selling and he will fight back with some interesting moves, including a moonsault dropkick from the top rope? Good chemistry for the few minutes it lasted. Gomez never tagged in, probably for the best. Sullivan got a few licks in at the beginning but this was mostly Konnan going through his arsenal and just taking JL apart, and Lynn as always, sold really well for the beating. The announcers were putting Konnan over huge and Jimmy Hart was even carrying a AAA title to the ring. The main was pretty fun as they went right into their crazy spots with no feeling out process. Juvi completely missed a few things and they had to compromise the finish but they had a sequence of moves and reversals on the apron that were just awesome and both men were selling every move like they were thrown from a roller coaster.

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