Tuesday, May 9, 2006

XWF: Lost Episodes

Episode 1
1 Big Vito v. Buff Bagwell (2)
2 Marty Jannetty v. Hail (0)
3 Horace Hogan v. Ian Harrison (1)
4 Cruiserweight Battle Royal (4)
5 Nasty Boys v. Shane Twins (1)
6 Curt Hennig v. Vampiro (1)

Two squashes, Bobby Heenan without mic time, and everything else that makes wrestling great. It's a good idea to have all this talent, but there's no storyline for anyone and the matches are short and there's no thought put into it. Sable and Piper start out the show as dueling commissioners or CEO's, whatever. Neither has managed anything in their life, even a Wendy's and some brain trust put them in charge of a foundling wrestling promotion who is supposed to make money the day before they start to break even? I don't buy it, and I didn't buy this set, thankfully.

Episode 2
1 Juvi/ Psicosis v. Konan/ Ray Gonzalez (5)
2 Simon Diamond v. Jerry Lawler (1)
3 Hail v. Knuckles (1)
4 Johnny B. Badd v. Norman Smiley (3)
5 Shane Twins v. Road Warriors (3)
6 Curt Hennig v. Buff Bagwell (2)

This had two squashes also, but at least gave time to a couple matches. The Luchadores match worked well and was about six minutes, even though Gonzalez looked out of shape. Hawk killed himself during that match and their tag division was a mess. Hennig looked pretty good, but there's only so much you can do with Buff. And of course, Rena and Hot Rod took up some more valuable TV time. This was on par with the sub standard writing of another Episode 2( I'm sure someone gets my meaning.)

Episode 3
1 Marty Jannetty v. Drezden (1)
2 Horace Hogan v. Josh Matthews (1)
3 Shane Twins v. South Philly Posse (3)
4 AJ Styles v. Kid Kash (5)
5 Vapor v. Jimmy Snuka Jr. (2)
6 Curt Hennig/ Ian Harrison v. Buff Bagwell/ Vampiro (2)

I'm enjoying seeing some of these names, but it looks like WCW before it collapsed. All the wrestlers, the announcers, the commentators, and the stage(they used to film Saturday Night there) and was really bland. That's a problem with TNA: every show looks the same because they're always in the same arena. Hulkster talked about all the problems and why it didn't get picked up: well, beat around the bush all you want, but it sucked.

1 Hulk Hogan v. Curt Henning (3)

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