Friday, May 5, 2006

ECW It Ain't Seinfeld 5/14/98

1. Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn - 4
2. Sabu vs. Danny Doring - 2
3. Jamie Dundee vs. Chris Candido - 3
4. Blue Meanie and Super Nova vs. FBI - 1
5. Lance Storm vs. Balls Mahoney - 3
6. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Rob Van Dam - 4
7. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Axl Rotten - 3
8. Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Spike Dudley vs. Bubba, D-Von, and Big Dick Dudley - 3

Lynn and Credible have arguable the best match of the show--sadly, that is saying very little. Sabu squashed Doring in a lackluster bout; Sabu was more worried about setting up his lame garbage spots to even attempt selling Doring's putrid offense. Jamie Dundee is the definition of lazy indy worker, and Candido carries him to a almost watchable match. I hate when the BWO and FBI work together, it ends up breaking down into a total comedy spot fest, complete with atrocious dancing contests and wrestlers selling for referee's unbelievable offense. I lost interest in watching Storm sell Balls' punches after about two minutes in their dreadful encounter. Mikey bumped all around for Van Dam's patented offense; at one point while straddling the top rope, Van Dam gave him a spinkick right in the face that sent him flying to the floor in my personal favorite moment. I was strangely looking forward to Bam Bam and Axl, but it ended up being a rather quick squash so those hopes were dashed rather unceremoniously. The main event was a six-man brawling blunder--they should be ashamed of themselves, and by "they" I'm referring to the crowd who actually applauded such an insulting excuse for professional wrestling.

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