Saturday, January 21, 2006

WWE Smackdown- UK- Nov. 05

1 Booker T v. Chris Benoit- 6
2 The Dicks v. Road Warrior Animal/ Heidenreich- 3
3 Mr. Kennedy v. Matt Hardy- 5
4 Christy Hemme v. Melina- 2
5 Nunzio v. Juventud- 3
6 Regal/ Burchill v. Rey Mysterio/ JBL- 1
7 Orlando Jordan v. Lashley- 1
8 Batista v. Randy Orton- Street Fight- 0
The show started off on a high note, with a highly competitive match, and only got worse from there. The last three "matches" weren't even that. I have to say this was a poorly put together show that isn't deserving of much mention.

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Brian said...

oh, the old days.. when we handed over reviews.. - now you'd never see three sentences analyzing an entire show full of unique performances.. - now that i look at the card.. i'd kind of like to see this again..