Sunday, January 1, 2006

TNA Impact – 11/26/05

1. Monty Brown vs. Helvis – 1
2. Chris Sabin vs. AJ Styles – 6
3. Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy – 3
4. Kip James vs. Jeff Jarrett - 4

The opening squash lasts about 30 seconds, and is still a complete waste of your time. Sabin and Styles do what they normally do, and do it well; there seemed to be a little apprehensiveness shown, I chalked it up to them both being so familiar with being the good guy in a match, and not structuring around that. Abyss and Hardy was a disappointment—even their signature spots came off looking repugnant. The main event was a lousy brawl; my opinion is Jarrett likes to do these brawls outside of the ring, because it requires little talent or skill, gets cheap crowd heat, and masks his declining level of work.

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