Friday, January 6, 2006

HWA War Games 2005

1) Matt Dillenger vs. Rory Fox - 6
2) Danny Daniels vs. “Metalhead” Steve Stone - 2
3) 80-Man Two-Ring Battle Royal - 4
4) Nigel McGuinness & Matt Stryker vs. T.J. Dalton & Tyler Dunning - 4
5) Blindfold Match: Ala Hussein vs. “High IQ” Quinten Lee - 1
6) Four Way HWA Tag Team Title Scramble Match: Ben Kimera & Brian Jennings vs. Ric Byrne & Aaron Williams vs. Brad Smith & Ganger vs. Déjà Vu & Andre Heart - 5
7) Triple Threat Match: Brian Beech vs. Tack vs. Dick Rick - 6
8) War Games Rules Elimination Match: Chad Allegra, Matt Parks, Ryan Stone, Jesse Hyde, & Roger Ruffin (Team NWF) vs. Pepper Parks, Cody Hawk, Crazy J, Matt Dillenger, & Lotus (Team HWA) – 7

This was the third year for HWA’s yearly War Games spectacular. I’ve been to all three shows and this one was by far the best show with the hottest crowd. The first bout of the evening was to determine the fifth member of Team HWA in the main event. Dillenger bled buckets after a vile chair shot right in front of where I was sitting. They set the tone for the night with a solid outing. Daniels vs. Stone was pure crap from some promotion out of Lima. The match sucked ass but the fans were so damn entertaining that I laughed until I cried. The battle royal involved some of the most worthless looking wrestlers, and I’m using that term rather loosely, I’ve ever seen in my life. I almost expected Withers to be in there. Oh … wait, he was … last year, and promptly got his ass handed to him. That being said, the following tag match was basically Stryker and McGuinness taking the rookies to school. By the way, I’ve said this before, the Matt Stryker on this show is the real one and not that goof who shows up on WWE television every week.

The second half of the show kicked off with one of the shittiest blindfold matches in history. Mind you, I’m not the world’s biggest fan on blindfold matches to begin with but this one set the standard for horrific matches. It was so horrific, that I bailed and hit up the concession stand. The scramble match was nothing but a big brawl around the coliseum with Déjà Vu pulling a New Jack and diving off the balcony onto the remaining seven combatants. The triple threat match was probably the best overall match of the evening as all three guys busted their ass. The main event was insanely good this year. Granted the ring action may have not been up to WWE’s or even TNA’s standards, but the crowd of about 150-200 people, were soundly divided over who was the better company. There were people chanting “H-W-A” or “N-W-F”, so naturally I started and “E-C-W” chant.

War Games is usually the biggest show HWA puts on the whole year and if you feel like going to it, you’ll have made the right decision. For $10, you can’t really get much better than this. I’d recommend going to and shelling out $15 to purchase the War Games 2003 DVD and/or this show when it’s made available. Just avoid the 2004 show at all costs.

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