Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wrestling Gold: Vol.1- Busted Open

1 Sherri Martel v. Judy Martin- 2
2 Shawn Michaels v. Ken Johnson- 4
3 Gino Hernandez/ Tully Blanchard v. The Grapplers- 6
4 Gino Hernandez v. Tully Blanchard- 6
5 Bob Orton jr. v. Adrian Adonis- 7
6 Bruiser Brody v. Abdullah the Butcher- 4
7 Larry Zybyszko v. Scott Casey- 4
8 Jerry Lawler v. Bob Sweetan- 2

The majority of this video was highly enjoyable for me. Everything Tully did always had a feeling of high professionalism for me and I found I still enjoy watching his work today. The Orton- Adonis match was the kind of match you don't see ever today. They worked scientific reversals for nearly the whole thing, but what I liked about it is that they each tried to dissect the other, figuring out what was working and what wasn't as the match went on. It was a treat. The Lawler- Sweetan match was pure stalling, and that should have been hard to do seeing as how there is a Zybyszko match on here. I think it's important for all wrestling fans to go back and watch some old matches and old workers to really get a sense of seeing how the business has evolved and what things have stayed the same. I had a good time viewing this. (Editor's Note: There were a couple other matches on this DVD but I accidently broke it before we could finish it. - Bri)

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