Saturday, January 28, 2006

WWE Smackdown! 12/09/05

1. Rey Mysterio vs. J.B.L. – 3
This started off good and I had little complaints. This continued until Orlando Jordan interfered, which probably saved this match from deteriorating.

2. Joey Mercury vs. Super Crazy – 5
This was pretty good. There were some unbelievable sequences, and Crazy looked solid. This was decent, and then there was some interference afterwards that I quickly forgot.

3. Boogeyman vs. Ray Gordy – 2
Is this Terry Gordy’s son? I hope not. This was your basic squash… plus worms. As Boogeyman was covering Gordy, he drilled him in the face with his forearm and left it there as he pinned him.

4. Chris Benoit vs. Booker T – 7
Unnecessary ref bump is the first flaw. There was lots of energy in this one, although it got awfully sloppy in parts. Booker botched a spot, and ended up tackling a charging Benoit into the corner awkwardly. This had good intensity, but was too short, and lastly, Benoit bled a little.

5. Lashley vs. William Regal – 4
This was pretty stiff, and Regal took it to Lashley more than anyone else has thus far. It wasn’t bad for a squash.

6. JBL and Orlando Jordan vs. Rey Mysterio and Batista
This started off pretty uncertain, but the second-half wasn't until Jillian interfered. Then JBL “tripped” and left. Batista’s powerbomb was explosive.

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