Sunday, January 25, 2015

WWE Superstars 1/23/15

1. Naomi vs. Cameron - 4
2. Fandango vs. Sin Cara - 4

The Funkadactyls dissolution was the wrestling equivalent of the Berlin Wall coming down. Cameron got her mouth busted open and Naomi's extensive ass-based offense including a new spot where she trapped Cameron and twerked on her face would have had Jerry Lawler going skeet skeet skeet all over his Coca Cola memorabilia collection. Fandango would be better suited in Lucha Underground (and Sin Cara too for that matter) or as a member of The Kingdom in ROH but first-half of this was laid out nicely with some grappling and transitions at half-speed then they sort of truncated the last act to a quick finish stretch where Rosa flirting with a guy at ringside who runs a Jeffrey Jones fan site was more interesting than what was happening in the ring. Fandango's diving leg drop from the top is a 3.7 on the Bobby Eaton scale but I'm still glad to see someone using it regularly.

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