Monday, January 12, 2015

Lucha 2014 MotY Candidates Vol. #1

Rush vs. Negro Casas - Hair vs. Hair - CMLL 8/1/14 - 7

This was pretty great. Awarded high points not entirely for polished ring work but for dramatics and aura. Rush didn't even let the veteran Casas get down the aisle. Rush winning the first fall by charging at a crumpled Casas in the corner and crushing him with a dropkick directly in the face was terrific. The match-ending field goal punt to the phallus was a nice touch. I was on the edge of my seat at Car X in the lobby while they were changing my car's oil watching this on my phone.

Negro Navarro vs. Virus - 11/5/14 - 5

Speaking of cell phones this match was recorded on one. You wouldn't want to run into these two in the Early Bird Senior Sunday Brunch line. I'm a big mark for the kid with the dual faux-lightsabers that keeps walking in-front of the camera. This is human chess wrestling and we don't see Virus getting to work the canvas like this in CMLL so a treat. Virus Taps like Timothy Hutton. Falls a point shy of of NHO "recommended" status but still a fun rarity.

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