Sunday, January 26, 2014

Afa, Sica, & Ladd vs. Andre, JYD, & Dusty

Afa, Sica, and Ernie Ladd vs. Junkyard Dog, Andre the Giant, and Dusty Rhodes - Mid-South Wrestling - January '82 - 7

This was a "dream match" selected via courier post by rabid fans. So much damn talent and charisma in that ring the canvas could have walked into a bar and gotten laid. I've always firmly said every sell is a choice and by golly there's tons of interesting choices being made here. I love the way early Dusy's legs instantly get rubbery and wiggly during a couple Samoan headbutts. I've never seen this many afros in one match. Record-breaking. Oh, for fuck's sake, Ernie Ladd just sold an overhead Andre chop like a frightened old grandma seeing a specter in the hallway. I'm losing it! You can see JYD and Andre chatting on the apron discussing their favorite local spots for brisket and collard greens. Ladd breaks up an Andre pin cover with a flying leg drop directly onto his mortal coil. Great stuff.

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