Friday, February 7, 2014

EC3 vs. Dreamer - Tables Match

Ethan Carter III vs. Tommy Dreamer - Tables Match - TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 3 - 5

In Lowell the town Jack Kerouac built. All-black ropes and dark venue make this feel seedy in a good way. Almost as an old ECW house show energy to it with a surprisingly raucous non-traditional TNA crowd. Dreamer getting atomic dropped onto a steel guard rail never gets old. Well maybe for his taint. Great pained facial by EC3 on a suplex on the floor. The did some faux C.W. Anderson/Dreamer homage spots including the finish which was a spinebuster by EC3 through a table leaned up against the buckles that had Tommy seeing visions of Dr. Sax. Really enjoyable opener to this PPV. Carter looked better than he has on TV due to a more relaxed environment allowing him to actually work in there and show some stuff and Dreamer seemed motivated and inspired.

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