Friday, July 6, 2012

WWE Superstars - 05/10/12

1-      Ezekiel Jackson v. Drew McIntyre- 3

Zeke looks infinitely older now with his new look; like he could have been a walkon role as Cliff’s brother on the Cosby Show back in the day.  Drew’s got disdain all over his face and I’m sure it’s not hard to fake;  He’s taking the brunt of the punishment but still leading the match.  Zeke doesn’t seem capable of making anything look good in this even the usually brutal Future Shock

2-      Natalya v. Alicia Fox – 4

Enjoyed this, may have even bumped it up if not for Alicia totally blowing the setup for the fin by jumping in the air like she was about to hit a slip and slide.  But these women didn’t shy away from a stiff slap or bump.  So cosmically dug Alicia’s bridging Northern Lights

3-      Tyson Kidd v. Hunico – 6

If this match had happened in the 90’s on a Raw, these two would start getting a push.  Both men pushed it, both men sold and were selling the whole time, their pain and anguish mover missing big moves, lots of innovative stuff being thrown out, some interesting near falls, I just dug the hell out of this

4-      Zach Ryder/ Santino v. Curt Hawkins/ Tyler Reks – 3

Interesting seeing Zach and Curt start off since they were former partners; not good, just interesting.  Reks seems really confident, not something I’d expect while it looks like Hawkins has developed a popcorn addiction.  I was rather hoping we’d see a Santino beatdown but good call, he’s much more fun as the comeback babyface even if Zach is playing it up really well.  Match moved along fine, had an old school layout to it and the fans were always into this.

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