Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ROH Wrestling - 04/28/2012

1-      Caprice Coleman/ Cedric Alexander v. Briscoe Brothers – 2

God, Caprice looked like shit here, the fakest reactions to the Briscoes piecing him up, you could see him in his head trying to remember his next flurry; I liked Cedric a bit more, seemed to have a better look, more fire, but someone should tell him he looks weak firing off 7 moves in 4 seconds and not doing a bit of damage to Jay.  WGTT came out to bully Mark and I miss when his karate stuff was comedy and not just another spot.  Just like Assassin’s Creed part 3, I’m not buying this finish either

2-      Rhino v. Vinny Marseglio – 1

Old school squash style, ROH doesn’t do a lot of these and glad they didn’t’ go the WWE route and tarnish one of their own, brought in a local dude that had Oliver Queen green pants, bird wings and a thirteen year old Mexican Girls’ hair

3 – Roderick Strong v. Adam Cole – 4

Strong, ever the Tin Man, no heart, just showing absolutely no emotion whatsoever, something he should have picked up by now.  Cole came off as really good plucky babyface though; both guys threw a lot of jumping kicks, not a lot landed flush/  They picked it up at the end, with both guys kind of throwing everything at the other, some good near falls and Roderick’s fin was fan-fucking-tastic, not something you can do to everyone but if you have the chance to pull it out, go for it.

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