Friday, July 27, 2012

Sara Del Rey vs. Hailey Hatred

Sara Del Rey vs. Hailey Hatred - JAPW Women's Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match - JAPW Wild Card 6 - 8

The gimmick of this event was that all the champions defended their titles against mystery opponents. A card chock full of quality stuff this really stood out to me as one of the best American women's matches in recent memory and the best female action I've seen period in the last few months save for Manami Toyota & Sakie Hasegawa vs. Kyoko Inoue & Takako Inoue. They brawled all over the crowd and a meandering crowd brawl can be death but I was really suckered into this one. Del Rey was just brutalizing Hailey and that was the ongoing theme. How much could Hatred endure? And, would it end up costing SDR if she kept refusing to put her away to administer more punishment? I can't really express enough how brutal Del Rey was dishing out the colossal ass beat. I hope she can bring at least a quarter of that intensity into the WWE ring with her. There's all sorts of nutty spots in this but four stick out offhand a day or two after screening this a second time: SDR hitting HH with some mark's DVD he just bought off a vendor, so funny seeing the disc fly out and slide under a bleacher and this middle-aged virgin diving to retrieve it and dusting it, then there was something sort of resembling an X Factor by SDR while standing on one of those cheap plastic folding tables that of course collapsed awkwardly, then one of the nastiest, SDR is on her knees and Hatred just drops this enormous wood table right on her skull and that crack is sickening and its clear SDR had her brains rattled as she still clutches her brains post-match, and lastly, my favorite moment, there were these long, like maybe 20ft. rolled up amateur wrestling mats, and they were tiptoeing across them like it was a rickety foot bridge in an adventure flick, and you're thinking, "What could they possibly do on those?", when all of a sudden SDR hooks Hailey and gives her a boss German suplex! Anyhow, I love a captivating brawl that's unpredictable, wild, and brings it and this covered all those bases and more. Sort of sloppy like you'd expect two chicks blasting each other in the face for fifteen minutes to be in a bar parking lot and the viciousness of SDR was tantalizing.

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