Sunday, July 8, 2012

Great Muta vs. Brian Adams

Great Muta vs. Brian Adams - WCW Worldwide 8/12/00 - 4

I forgot they eventually filmed WorldWide outside of the studios and in arenas as this appears to be before a Thunder show.  Muta dropkick looked labored.  Adams looked like an idiot going for a pin after a gut buster while GM was practically tied in the ropes.  Muta has some real bed head here.  The "Professor" Tenay says he's unaware of there being any significance to the different colors of mist.  Wrong!  I loved the cartwheel>handspring>back elbow trademark spot being countered into a full-nelson slam by BA.  Brian drops the straps a la Bret or Lawler and shows rare fire.  Adams gets a face full of green mist mid-chokeslam and rolled up for a loss.  For a Saturday morning syndicated show this was a pretty tasty main and almost a fleshed out enough match to earn a "5" but just shy.

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