Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WWF 1990 Intercontinental Title Tournament

1st Round
1. Tito Santana v. Akeem - 3
2. Mr. Perfect v. Jimmy Snuka- 3
3. Dino Bravo v. Brutus Beefcake- 2
4. Rick Martel v. Roddy Piper - 3

5. Mr. Perfect v. Tito Santana - 5

I'm typing this tired, which i guess you should never do, or is that drive while texting, or swim after eating? who knows. While many wrestling pundits laughed at Akeem, i have to admit, his theme song and wrist gyrations always brought a smile to my face. This thing just started cooking when it ended abrutply and I loved Akeem just screaming his head off like a pissed off kid waiting on a layover in an airport.

Snuka and Perfect were playing off each other like coked out jazz musicians in a fun piece of business. Perfect was selling and jumping all over the place and as great as he was, it reminded me how hard that style took on him. This thing lost some steam though leading to the finish

Bravo and Beefcake was a lot of posturing, some really bad hair styles and a pace so languid Terrence Malick would be bored. When you're big spot is a punch to Bravo's midsection going for a axhandle, you know you're in the shitter.

Piper is such a lanky weird built guy but man, as soon as that bell rings, he's on and in character. This was kind of a fun matchup and without being hampered by bad TV booking, I bet this would be a great way to kill 10 minutes if it was featured at your local house show back in this time. Wild brawl ended it and if that's the finish at least i can get behind it if it's entertaining.

Finals were pretty much what you would hope to get from these two, Tito's prime seemingly should have been over but he is there every step of the way with Perfect. I loved the go behinds where they kept reversing the other like two kids running circles around each other. This got about 9 minutes but they did a lot with it, although being a heel winning a title in this time has to have your token interference, but it didn't need it even though Heenan coming out as the manager was a big deal.

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