Monday, January 2, 2012

WWE Raw 01/02/12

My first text of the new year, before i say goodbye to satellite let's review a Raw for old time sake
(BTW: Raw 1993 project main events is about to start from me and possibly adam, look for it)

1) Cody Rhodes v. Daniel Bryan - 3
Yes they're selling these punches but I can't help have flashbacks to 1999 (and remembering waiting in line for Phantom Menace and handjobs in swimming pools, those are two seperate incidents) Like Bryan's flying knee attack outside but damn such a flaccid finish for two of the company's brightest

2) Wade Barrett v. Santino Marella- 1
We get a Miz - Laurinatis exchange in the back that was a black hole of creativity and passion.
Santino still gets more to do than a lot of guys and he's been on comedy duty for like 4 years. Barrett has good presence but his words are flat (i'm truly, truly hurt you don't care about how my 2011 went). What a nasty kick to Santinos though; wonder if he left the seat up?

3) CM Punk v. Dolph Ziggler- 4
This would be higher if not for angle to finish it. Reminded me of a lot of 80's stuff, like Punk shaking his head 'no' after a kick out. Ziggler is desperately trying to channel Curt Hennig; if you feel the coke habit coming through the afterlife, leave it be Ziggs. His bumping looks so freakin natural and love the "Heel" tights. Vickie has been toned down; guess when a 40+ year old woman gets more heat than over half the roster you're doing you're job too well. These guys should have a good match at Rumble if it gets more than 10 minutes

4) the Bella Twins v. Eve/ Kelly Kelly- 1
Besides that hot ass (and hot ass) moonsault no need to waste the 90 seconds i did watching this. Bellas are the most inconsistent characters on WWE tv in years and that's saying something.

So, The End Begins; Jericho is back and none of it makes a damn bit of sense. Thought Jericho was either channeling himself starting in Winnipeg with cheap face heat tactics or Bono with that jacket

5) Big Show/ Zach Ryder/ John Cena v. Mark Henry / Jack Swagger ( Elimination Match) - 2
Someone tell me who this helped? Wasn't the fans, sure as hell wasn't Zach, who was made to look like a goof here, ain't Cena, who beat Swagger easier than he does his nephew at NBA '12 for the 360. Kane's back and he smothers people now (by the way, that's murder) but whatever. So he drags Zach under the ring, then where? It's not like it's the Hole. Goodbye Raw


Dom Coccaro said...

Truly an awful episode. Raw just keeps getting worse and worse.

PS-Can't fucking wait for the Raw '93 project.

Brian said...

bad show.. although slight improvement from the previous week.. - for their flagship program outrageous it's regularly booked far worse than ROH, iMPACT!, SmackDown!, and day I say it.. AAA TV! - yea.. found it odd Eve got pinned when she was just beating Beth Phoenix last month but read Bellas are Vince's new taste of the month at the moment.. - yea.. the Jericho thing.. he could have turned himself into one of the bigger babyfaces on the brand but the look on his face as he was walking off revealed it was all a ruse and he didn't care about the fans.. - at least that's how i bought it.. and if they're running him at Punk for 'Mania they'll need him to be the bad guy.. - who booked that main event? - faces have a 3 on 2 advantage plus Henry was injured so it was essentially three on Swagger (who all three guys have beat on their own).. - good grief!

Brian said...

also.. the first match of Raw in 2011 was a really good Miz v. Morrison - Falls Count Anywhere that'd be in the "6-7" range and a Raw MotY candidate and this year opens with a lousy Rhodes finish? not a good sign!

Jessie said...

thanks for the Raw 93 excitement...have big plans....yeah that main was so illogical and poorle executed....that's how you killed a town in the old days