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WWE 2011 Draft Analysis

To SmackDown!

John Cena

B: Awesome! One of my favorite guys to watch (best storyteller they've got, expressive selling, etc.) goes to the superior wrestling show. I like this.

J: I’m going to disagree with this move. Cena is the no. 1 entertainer as far as promos they have, which if you think about it, they won’t cut his mic time on SD, which will clutter up a very heavy wrestling show with more interviews when that’s best left to Raw. But my god has he been on Raw waaaaay too long.

G: Really surprised by this. He is indeed one of the best storytellers that WWE has right now. Cool to see him going into a fresh talent pool.

A: Fresh fueds, longer matches. I'm all for this.

Randy Orton

B: Orton's joining the blue team, too? SD! doesn't have a lot of strong heels to program him with, he's already worked a program with Rhodes, besides that, there's, well, Barrett?

J: I think it’s about time he left Raw, he’s fought absolutely everyone over there. I’m guessing this was a Vince call to keep Christian out of main event scene with Del Rio and slap Orton in it. His last year has been stagnant, but is still fun to watch.

G: Thank God. Orton has been stale for the last year and has been stagnating on Raw like a rancid pickle sitting in the sun. Hopefully he'll get some fresh meat for his viper fangs.

A: Agreed with Geo. Nothing left for him to accomplish over on Raw. Would really like to see him used as someone to help elevate fresh heels to the main event.

Yoshi Tatsu

B: Seeing Yoshi do the damn thing on Superstars is great but with this move I'd love to see him brought up to the main show. I'd like to see him work Slater or maybe Gabriel.

J: Not sure why they constantly bury Japanese guys, but Tatsu has loads of personality, why is he the same character Funaki was, as if he has the mind of a 5 year old just because he is fluent in English? Gabriel wouldn’t be bad, but I hope they shoot higher than Slater or Reks, jesus, talk about two guys who need axed. Is he and Masters a comedy team yet? If not I could see that being a favorite of the writing team.

G: Loved him on Superstars where he got some time. I just have this inkling that he'll be put in dead segment squashes.

A: Hopefully he'll get some more TV time. I've enjoyed his work from what I've seen.

William Regal

B: I dig this. I can only hope it'll mean he'll be wrestling more regulary. I'd love to see him against just about anyone. Maybe Booker T can dust off his gear and do a program with him.

J: I think Regal’s best contribution in this company is to pair up with the young guys and teach them a thing or two about how to really work. I fear that KOTR push 3 years back was his last chance for a top spot so as long as he’s on TV I’m cool with it. And put him on next season of Tough Enough for the love of god.

G: Hell yeah. The top heavy scrapper goes blue. I love to see him work with the younger guys on SD and put them over while simultaneously serving them some potatoes.

A: Please God, I hope this means he'll actually been seen on TV. I love Brian's idea for a Booker/Regal program.

Alicia Fox

B: One of my favorite divas was lost in the shuffle on Raw so here's hoping this leads to better things and more TV time.

J: Again, lots of personality, little to nothing with it. Give her a talk show, that would be a ratings grabber.

G: She's incomparable to the other divas. She's the total package. Like to see her work LayCool if she turns face -- probably won't.

A: One of the best in-ring diva's they have. Would like to see some more attention given to her as the top diva heel on SD.

Jimmy Uso

B: Really? Yikes. This doesn't spell good things for either Uso. You could put one in an undercard heel role but then what becomes of the other? I hope he's got his resume ready.

J: I’ve not seen these guys more than 5 times on the main cards since their first program- but Jimmy gets a singles shot. Honestly, I’d say he’ll be around till Superstars still airs internationally and on YouTube, after that, better call up Cary Silkin.

G: So I guess they're breaking the team up? Future endeavors probably in the near future for Jims.

A: Man, that tag team push really fizzled out. Why break up one of the only teams left in the company?

Great Khali

B: I'm done with this giant sack of soggy shit. His big run was a blast just for the sheer preposterous nature of it but the last few years he's not done a damn thing, boy! Send him to IGF and quick!

J: Would love to see him work Tim Sylvia in IGF. I’m really stumped as to what’s left for this guy, he’s still not learned how to work after all this time, despite what the trolls on popular internet message boards say.

G: Vince really needs to blow his load about Khali already and dump him. He's just horrendous.

A: A tree moves better than him. Needs to be dumped. I didn't miss him while he was on sabbatical, I don't think anyone else did either. If anything, he should drop the fun-loving dancing guy routine and go back to the monster heel he was initially.

Daniel Bryan

B: I'd been calling for this move since the start and am very happy to see it. SD! values in-ring action much more than Raw so hopefully we'll get a handful of good to great TV bouts out of Danielson yet this year.

J: I’m glad he got the Raw rub for a bit, the latter half not doing him any favors, but at least he’s an established person and not just another face the audience knows. This was the right time for him to move over, I’d have 100% confidence he can excel here like Punk did and become a big player. Man, him vs. Christian, Rey, Del Rio, Orton, this is money to a wrestling fan.

G: Really happy to see this. Raw never really felt like his show as it's so much more angle-based. I can see him having some tits matches on SD and really tearing it up on the silver and blue stage. Year of the Dragon? Hell yes.

A: The perfect move for him. So much great talent there for him to work with.

Mark Henry

B: Deciding to turn Henry heel on his way out the door was a good move as it gives him something to do besides being Evan Bourne's big buddy. They'll have to use him as a major heel force as the options are limited so get ready to see him locking horns with Kane, Christian, and possibly Orton. Maybe he can beat the hell out of Jack Korpela backstage -- that'd be good TV.

J: Yep this was a number thing then, Henry is hot and cold as a heel, his last heel run here was a complete flop against Angle and Taker but seems like he’ll have some good guys to pair up with. Why was I missing Tony Atlas the other day?.....

G: I don't buy Henry as a heel after seeing him work that lovable teddy bear kool-aid gimmick. I really couldn't care less what they did with him no matter where he went.

A: Loved the heel turn. Here's hoping he returns to the Predator-looking Mark Henry and the dominant monster he was on ECW.

Sin Cara

B: I'm liking this, too. Raw is all about guys working the stick and doing catchphrases. Let Mistico do what he does best -- wrestle. I'm stoked to see him versus Barreta.

J: Another calculating move, I was for him being on the same brand as Rey from the get go, as a team, maybe that will happen. But yes, at least if something goes awry here they can retape. Booking him smartly means all the difference until he gets used to working a lot of these guys.

G: Glad he's finally got a spot. SD just seems like more his element. I can see the kids getting behind him and seeing him as a hero. Daneilson vs. Sin Cara? Modern day Fujinami vs. Tiger Mask? A bit of a stretch? Maybe, but I'd love to see that match.

A: Another wise decision. They can easily edit any foul-ups that may occur in his matches. Like I said with DB, a great talent pool to work with over on the blue brand. Seems as if they're positioning him as the new Mysterio.

B: A lot of people on the 'net are citing how editing will be Sin Cara's best friend on SD! but I think he deserves a little more credit than that. He's not going to sink or swim based upon the ability of an editor. The guy can work circles around a lot of their current talent pool -- let's just hope he gets the chance to show it.


B: This is fine but not a lot to say. I don't have faith they'll use her to the best of her capabilities so what's the point?

J: Wow, feels like they misplaced her for most of this year. Not sure why WWE insists on splitting up every hot tag team act they have- I mean they had freakin Bret Hart give them the rub and now they’re fractured. Just fucking put the Dynasty back together already.

G: Cool.

A: Probably won't be used much except for a cameo here and there. Wish the Hart Dynasty would reunite.

Jey Uso

B: Disregard what I said earlier as now Jey joins his droll brother. If I've got not faith in how WWE books women wrestlers imagine how much less I have in how they book tag teams. I could see their contracts axed by August.

J: Okay guess this makes sense at least, but amen to what brian said above me. At least it’s not comedy vs. Koslov and Marella again- now they’ll be losing 2 on 1 matches to Orton, Kane, Show etc. haha,

G: Already so I guess they are still a team? I was starting to like the idea of singles careers for the two as I thought more about it, but we're back to square one.

A: Ok, so now he's on SD as well? They'll probably be used as jobbers and be unemployed by the fall.

Ted DiBiase

B: So bland -- team him with Brodus Clay or Chavo Guerrero.

J: So they finally put the nail in the Maryse storyline….thank god. Both guys you mentioned above really need a chance to shine over this goof- pure evidence how guys’ daddies get them jobs, and they don’t even have to work hard to keep them.

B: Jess, the Maryse storyline has carried over to NXT where here and Tatsu have a going on...

G: Throw this bro in the Puget Sound -- he always sinks.

A: Ummm, ok? Is this necessary?


B: This is a bit surprising but I think from my vantage point a fresh decision. Similar to Swagger (who I'll get to later) losing luster and the move to a new brand hopefully being a restart of sorts, I'd expect the same thing here, as SD! is lacking strong heels and Sheamus could fit that role. Also, I'd love to see him beat the shit out of Hornswoggle.

G: Alright this I can dig. Sheamus has run rampant on Raw and he's done everything there. I actually had an inkling this was coming, so I'm glad to see it played out. Hope to see him tear it up with some nice squashes!

J: Okay not that this matters, but correct me if I’m wrong, does Sheamus not have the US title still? I haven’t watched Raw yet. Anyways, yep I’m on board, he’s already programmed with most everyone on Raw side and besides the Orton feud, he’s been pretty successful.

A: IC Champion and US champion on the same brand. Interesting. Maybe this is the first step in unfying a bunch of the titles.

Alex Riley

B: Will he sink or swim without Miz? I'm guessing he'll sink faster than stock in DDP's line of yoga supplies. I'm seeing Tatsu and Barreta in his future and Riley on the losing end.

G: This is definitely his true test, like Brian stated. I honestly think that he's going back to FCW in the blink
of an eye.

J: I hate that just because a guy seems like he has it all, doesn’t mean he does. People like his interview skills but he’s had many chances against top talent and he just doesn’t have it. Guessing he’ll be a lackey to someone on SD, or else just gone. Guarantee TNA would pick him up.

A: He's got the mouth, now's the time to shine.


B: Again, sound like a broken record, but it's hard for me to care much about the diva switches sense the company cares so very little about their female talent. I'd like to see her actually get some matches in on TV but not holding my breath (but am holding my love gun).

G: Poor Santino...

J: For some reason I thought she would do well, because she has such a different look. Think she’d be the perfect opponent for Kong to come in on and look like a true monster.

A: Daughter of Superfly needs to be used as more than a pawn in a comedy act.

Tyson Kidd

B: Why the hell not? I just hope he brings his top-shelf stuff. Whether it's on Superstars or working the undercard he should try to shine at every corner in hopes of getting some recognition for his talent and not allowing familial connections alone to keep his contract safe. I'm dying for him versus Sin Cara.

G: I love this kid. He's fresh as hell and busts out some great shit. Dude, him vs Sin Cara is epic win.

J: It’s an uphill battle for Tyson, but maybe they’ll just put the Dynasty back together, that would at least give him some recognition that he’s in a group.

A: Gone nowhere since the Dynasty broke up. Maybe he'll finally get that push that was promised to him. There's always the indy circuit if they forget about him, which they probably will.

to Raw:

Jack Swagger

B: I like this move. Ever since they took the belt off of him on SD! his talent's been squandered. I could see this meaning bigger things for him in the near future and I can get behind that. Dude's got a good look, unique personality, and the talent.

J: At first, saddling him with Cole at Mania might have felt like a slap in the face to an All American collegiate wrestler, but it was what opened eyes on him again- have a feeling he’ll do well on Raw.

G: Love me some Swags. After holding the WHC and then being bumped back down faster than a hunted soaring eagle he finally gets a clean slate and time to start anew for the Swagman.

A: Only moved over for his participation in the Cole/Lawler angle. Needs to be positioned as a top heel.

Kelly Kelly

B: This means as much to me as the last dump I took.

J: More people to look at her breasts I guess…….I know at one point she was improving in the ring but haven’t seen jack that stands out from her in a long time.

G: Means slightly less to me than the above statement. My last piss.

A: Will be in the same spot she was on Smackdown. Eye candy.

Rey Mysterio

B: The pound-for-pound best worker in the WWE gets bumped up to the big show. The last time they did this it didn't work out so well. I'd love to see him programmed as one of the top faces. We could get him versus Miz and R-Truth which are both rad.

J: Yeah you’re right, it was an epic fail. Him v. Miz & Truth I’m solidly behind, Sheamus still doesn’t do a lot for me. But Rey’s a bonfide winner, and even though we won’t see he and Sin Cara mix it up, Rey can elevate his game; Rey v. Cena Summerslam anyone?

G: Damn, I was hoping to see a great face vs face match with Sin Cara on SD, but I would love to see him vs. Miz for the title. We all know he needs it. Plus, what sense does it make to put a heavyweight title on a guy who weight 170lbs? The WC would be much more fitting for him.

A: This could be really awesome. He's got a lot of good undercard talent to work with and could be used as a fresh contender for any title. Like to see him vs. Miz for the title.


B: What a joke -- this guy has been jobbing on Superstars for awhile now and is in purgatory. I guess I'd enjoy seeing him get squashed by Husky Harris.

J: Ha! Still hanging on, they may as well throw him in Nexus, he has as much job security there as wandering around the Raw curtain jerker spot.

G: Piss statement reiterated here.

A: This guy still has a job?

Big Show

B: I'm guessing he'll get another run as one of the top dogs down the line as soon as they disband the goofy team with Kane which is so tired. He's already been programmed with Punk but I could see him working with Del Rio in a couple months and maybe a smaller program with Mason Ryan.

J: Has it been a year since Show’s last heel turn? Seems he’s like a perpetual teeter-totter, every so often, they switch him back and forth. Just don’t think he adds much to any program he’s on these days. So it doesn’t even matter where he’s at.

G: So the team with Kane is disbanded? God you might as well flip a coin with the decisions this company makes sometimes. Those titles mean nothing. Show just doesn't work for me anymore. There's nothing left for him in the company, in my opinion.

A: Show is about due for his annual flip-flop. Good guy to help untalented fresh faces (ie: Mason Ryan) learn the ropes.

Alberto Del Rio

B: I still think Del Rio should have gotten gold over on the blue brand but maybe this will be where he makes his mark. It'll definitely make him a bigger star. He could be Triple H's next big opponent and if Jericho comes back face after his reality TV run Del Rio would be a great rival.

J: I see why they would move him here, but he directly impedes, to me at least, with Miz’ s progress as top heel, they are both cocky, and both should be positioned into main event slots. Him v. The Game would be swell, or just continue against Rey I guess.

G: As long as this man holds one of the two belts I'm fine. Having a hard time thinking about who I'd like for him to feud with, though. Perhaps carry the Rey feud to Raw? Morrison? Truth?

B: They Rey feud has been settled and they had a good series of matches together but as much as I like both men I think it's time Del Rio moves on to new greener (not the RVD variety) pastures.

A: Perfect! Will be a top heel in the same spot he was on SD. Time for him to shine.

G: I still think it would be great if they did an ode to Lucha and did a hair vs. mask match between the two.

Drew McIntyre

B: They've dropped the ball with him. You'd think this move might give him a chance to recover but I'm not as optimistic. Expect him versus Morrison as a program and some TV squashes over guys like Goldust and Kozlov.

J: So sad a dude’s wife got him in the doghouse. I can’t see him being anything but a heel, so yes, I agree, maybe a small top guy program and then it’s same old same old for Drew Mac.

G: Ever since he fucked up with Tiff he's been treading water. He's still my favorite in the company, so I hope this move brings him more programs to work and better feuds.

A: Let's hope he can bust out of the post-Tiffany doldrums and stop treading water.

Curt Hawkins

B: I'd fire him soon but expect him to be back where he belongs on Superstars losing to Marella, David Hart Smith, and company.

J: I really hate to quote someone so obvious, but who in the blue hell is this?

G: Meh.

A: Who?

Chris Masters

B: While not making big waves on SD! Masters has had a hell of a run on Superstars and hopefully will see some TV time later this year. I'd run him against Zack Ryder or McGillicutty.

J: So everyone loves Masters on Superstars, my thing is, give him a shot if he’s that good. I think he should have stayed on Smackdown and went back heel, seems like they don’t trust putting him in a good spot in case he gets strike #3 and is gone.

G: This guy has grown by leaps and bounds. His selling is great. I'd like to see him take on some of the Nexus guys.

A: I thought he was already on Raw?

Kofi Kingston

B: Hasn't been booked real strongly as of late but then on the draft episode of Raw went over Sheamus clean. You can't expect a rematch with Sheamus being moved so I'd use him to elevate some other younger talent like Tarver or Sheffield.

J: Kofi’s sort of polarizing to me, at times I enjoy him, other times I could care less. I was bored to tears with the endless amount of matches he had against Dolph & Swagger last year. Never got that Orton-feud level heat back which would have made him for years. He’ll probably do the same old schtick he’s been doing.

G: Kofi is still one of the tops in the company, but I thought he was fine on SD. I'm starting to sense that we're getting an uneven face to heel ratio here.

A: I was so bored with the endless Dolph matches from last year. I hope there is no repeat of that. Last time he was on Raw, is was really good for him. Hope lighting can strike twice.

Beth Phoenix

B: Usually they love splitting up real-life couples just to be assholes but in this case they're bringing one together (Beth and Punk). Honestly, I think her ship has sailed, though, and don't see her ever regaining the push she once held.

G: I gotta agree, her ship has sailed. I dug her stuff with LayCool a while back, but she's been stagnating as well. Mixing her into the craziness is probably a good move just to work out a few more matches we may not have seen yet.

J: This is bad I know, but I really had no clue she was even on SD. To me, Raw as always seemed like her show, where she first broke in, became such a huge deal to the women’s division. The thing with the women, is after 1 hot run, they usually discard them like Mason Ryan does needles so I think she could still be a big asset but don’t see it happening.

A: Nothing much here.

Tyler Reks

B: This may sound ludicrous but I'd love to see him work a program with The Undertaker -- but I'll settle for a series with Daniel Bryan (likely on Superstars).

G: Some of dat T-Rex Really don't think he'll be around much longer, but I will miss that hobo look on SD

J: Ha, yes I could not see that happening in several alternate universes, quite sure most top guys don’t even know who he is. I’m sure a lot of this silly draft is one team of writers doesn’t particularly care for someone, so they ship them over. Who knows, someone may take a liking to him.

A: This guy got pushed late last year and then fell off a cliff. Don't see bright things for him, he's terrible in the ring and on the stick.

B: I wouldn't say he's terrible in the ring by any stretch, his series with Masters ranged from good to very good, but is a victim of poor booking and bad timing (how old is this bro?).

John Cena

B: Oh, what the fuck? Well, guess this 6+ year run on the red brand wasn't esteemed enough, so JC remains on Raw and the Miz feud continues as he bids time towards facing The Rock. I'd let him work Ziggler (damn shame about that hair) and in a perfect world bring somebody like Primo up several notches and let them get some heat working alongside him but don't count on it. I expect his PPV-output to be stellar for the remainder of the year.

J: Haha, Cena’s back, didn’t last long. Well he has to get back at R Truth and stay where Rock can find him. I’d find Cena a specialty program this year, keep the belt off of him, not sure who it could be, I don’t think Ziggler can stand up to Cena in a one on one program, god I’d love to have him vs. a heel Christian go for about 6 months. That would make my year.

G: Oh, Vince, you slay me, you trickster. Thanks for nothing and I'm sure that you got a hearty laugh out of pulling our legs, you sick fuck.

B: Jess, Cena's got no beef with R-Truth, know you missed the end of that Raw (I think) but they had no interaction together. That being said, I could see them doing something with the two of them down the road (the promos alone would be worth it). Geo, you're right, McMahon really is a grotesque monster.

J: No you’re right I didn’t get to see that, I just assumed Truth going heel he would have been all over Cena, makes sense to me, I mean they were supposed to be friends right? Am I actually trying to make sense of WWE storylines? Never mind, giving up on that front. I could live a happy life never having seen Vince’s face again honestly.

A: That was a cruel trick. You mean to tell me Vince was actually going to clear the way for someone to take his spot on Raw? Don't think so. Thanks for ruining our hopes of Cena vs. Henry as the top program on Smackdown. Asshole.

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