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WCW WorldWide '94 Project

WCW WorldWide 1994 project results

Contributors: Brian, Adam, Geo, Jess

1. Cactus Jack v. Vader (Texas Death Match, 05/01)- 90 points, 4 votes

2. Rick Rude v. Marcus Alexander Bagwell (02/27)- 82 points, 4 votes

3. Sting v. Rick Rude (I Quit Match, 05/19)- 69 points, 4 votes

4. Ric Flair v. Lord Steven Regal (Marquis of Queensbury Rd #5, 05/28)- 65 points, 4 votes

5. Terry Funk / Bunkhouse Buck v. Erik Watts/ Barry Houston (08/20)- 64 points, 4 votes

6. Ricky Steamboat v. Bobby Eaton (06/04)- 62 points, 4 votes

7. Dustin Rhodes/ Brian Pillman v. Rick Rude/ Steve Austin (01/16)- 57 points, 4 votes

8. Maxx Payne v. Ron Simmons (Street Fight, 05/21)- 56 points, 3 votes

9. Dustin Rhodes/ Arn Anderson v. Bad Attitude (07/16)- 55 points, 4 votes

10. Lord Steven Regal/ Steve Austin v. Dustin Rhodes/ Brian Pillman (03/06)- 53 points, 3 votes

11. Steve Austin v. Terry Taylor (06/12)-50 points, 4 votes

12. Harlem Heat & Ron Simmons v. 2 Cold Scorpio/ Marcus Bagwell/ Ice Train (04/10)- 50 points, 3 votes

13. Harlem Heat v. Nasty Boys (11/26)- 46 points, 2 votes

14. Stars & Stripes v. Bad Attitude (07/23)- 42 points, 3 votes

15. 2 Cold Scorpio/ Marcus Bagwell v. Harlem Heat (03/27)- 39 points, 2 votes

16. Ric Flair v. Bobby Eaton (01/16)- 32 points, 4 votes

17. Johnny B Badd/ Terry Taylor v. Bryant Anderson/ DDP (03/20)- 32 points, 3 votes

18. Ric Flair v. Lord Steven Regal (Marquis of Queensbury Rd #2, 05/08)- 30 points, 2 votes

19. Brian Pillman v. Bunkhouse Buck (04/23)- 24 points, 2 votes

20. Pretty Wonderful v. Brad & Brian Armstrong (11/04)- 24 points, 2 votes

21. Brian Pillman v. Lord Steven Regal (03/13)- 24 points, 2 votes

22. Pretty Wonderful v. Brad & Brian Armstrong (06/25)- 23 points, 2 votes

23. Lord Steven Regal v. Johnny B. Badd (01/09)- 21 points, 2 votes

24. Johnny B. Badd v. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker (05/28)- 20 points

25. Hacksaw Jim Duggan/ Stars & Stripes v. Lord Steven Regal/ Pretty Wonderful (10/29)- 18 points, 2 votes

World Wide top 25 MVP- Lord Steven Regal- 6 matches


Pretty Wonderful v. Erik Watts/ Terry Taylor (07/31)- 17 points, 3 votes

Vader v. Brad Armstrong (09/10)- 17 points, 3 votes

Lord Steven Regal v. Charlie Norris (01/22)- 17 points, 2 votes

Ric Flair v. Lord Steven Regal (Marquis of Queensbury Rd #3, 05/14)- 16 points

Arn Anderson/ Bunkhouse Buck v. Brad & Brian Armstrong (09/24)- 15 points, 2 votes

Steve Austin v. Ricky Steamboat (07/31)- 14 points

Pretty Wonderful v. The Fantastics (12/11)- 13 points, 3 votes

2 Cold Scorpio/ Marcus Bagwell v. Southern Posse (02/13)- 11 points

Johnny B. Badd v. Shanghai Pierce (11/12)- 9 points

Harlem Heat v. Terry Taylor/ Mark Starr (10/22)- 9 points

Cactus Jack/ Maxx Payne v. Pretty Wonderful (01/01)- 7 points

Ric Flair v. Lord Steven Regal (Marquis of Queensbury Rd #4, 05/21)- 6 points

Brian Pillman v. The Gambler (06/04)- 6 points

Ricky Steamboat v. Bryant Anderson (03/05)- 5 points

The Fantastics v. Southern Posse (11/12)- 4 points

Southern Posse v. Brad & Brian Armstrong (08/20)- 4 points

DDP v. Brady Boone (06/04)- 1 point

Dustin Rhodes v. Nasty Ned (06/11)- 1 point


Jess’ ballot

1. Dustin Rhodes/ Brian Pillman v. Lord Regal/ Steve Austin (03/05)

4 awesome workers and it was them getting to do what they do best; work. Pillman and Regal’s one on one scientific cock measuring contest was loads of fun as Regal’s the king of looking like he’s outclassed when he’s clearly one of the better mat technicians of the last 20 years. Austin and Rhodes do string together some good stuff, as Rhodes mentioned in his terrible excuse of a autobio, especially the strike exchanges. Pillman’s comeback at the end is showing more fire than nearly everything else I’ve seen on the set at this point and the clean finish worked in spades.

2. Stars & Stripes v. Bad Attitude (07/23)

Dare I say this match fared even better for me than the one against Arn & Dustin? Not sure where this will end up on my final ballot but as well a ran classic tag mach as you can find. Nothing extraordinary stands out but I think why I like it is because it’s weakest parts both excelled, that being Bagwell doing a really great job of being beaten up, baby face sympathy stuff and performed his basic routine well. Keirn was a nasty villain here too, biting Buffy’s nose, really nice Memphis punches, while Eaton flew around the ring and look great as usual.

3. Steve Austin v. Terry Taylor (06/11)

Some slow points but this was a heck of a great match, old school as crucifying people, Austin controlled the tempo by taking breaks total 70’s heel style, but Taylor managed to pour it on when he needed to. Austin was working overtime, on everything, from his facials while locked in holds on the ground to bouncing in the ropes, looking confident. Loved the false hope spot he gives Taylor near the end and the Rooster makes the most of it. Would have liked a more satisfying finish but still good

4. 2 Cold Scorpio/ Marcus Bagwell/ Ice Train v. Ron Simmons/ Harlem Heat (04/09)

Besides Ice Train’s punches looking like someone trying to shake water off their hands instead of using a towel, this match was so much fun. Bagwell getting into some handsome Stranger grooves with Simmons bumping so smoothly was a great way to start. 2 cold was on fire, in both his big spots, and everyone was letting him own them. Booker and Ron were both great glue to keep the match going, and the clean finish out of nowhere goes a long way in pleasing me.

5. Vader v. Cactus Jack (Texas Death Match, 04/30)

Different from anything else on this show so far, I mean the whole year. They basically make the side of the ring with the hard camera their ring, I don’t know if I’ve seen Foley dish out so much punishment in one match but Vader eats all his stuff like a 23 oz. steak. Some vicious boots from Foley too. Loved Race getting involved, and the chair Vader wears like a neck tie and the ending power bomb were both delicious.

6. Pretty Wonderful v. Brad & Brian Armstrong (06/26)

When Mr. Wonderful accepted his WWE Hall of Fame trophy in 2005, he talked about how nobody did what he did better, incite the crowd and put people over. Watching this match, I believed him. He was in another league here, selling huge for both Armstrongs, emphasizing everything they did to him and every cheap tactic he used. The heat section he gives future-Road Dogg was masterful; made him look like a pro wrestler instead of an ad for a hair curling product. Finish got a little screwy, but the hot crowd in that cool street set fed energy into the ring for everyone to feed off of.

7. Ron Simmons v. Maxx Payne (Street Fight, 05/21)

Not something I thought would make my ballot, especially this high, but this actually felt like a fight, instead of a bunch of preconceived spots they just punched and threw each other into walls, fake stage set, chairs and other assorted weaponry. In the ring was high impact, the little that occurred, but no complaints here. This actually got some time too, and considering the two guys in the ring this was pretty damn good.

8. Ricky Steamboat v. Bobby Eaton (06/04)

Fun scientific bout, both guys showing what they learned in Minneapolis and Memphis, the basics, dug Eaton’s funky leg lock and of course, his right hand. Steamboat threw some leather that looked tasty too, and his high flying face finish was great.

9. Terry Funk/ Bunkhouse Buck v. Erik Watts/ Barry Houston (08/20)

What a crazy fight this was from the moonsault on the garbage can, to the piledriver on the concrete to the crazy superplex, this was classic Terry Funk not knowing what he’ll do. Plus he and Buck were as stiff as ever, some really nasty clubbing shots from both guys and loved Watts hitting a DDT on Terry.

10. Dustin Rhodes/ Arn Anderson v. Bad Attitude (07/16)

I pimped a much shorter version of this match in a blog review not too long ago but this has its own satisfying treats in store, mainly not all the good brawling from the first but mainly an extended Arn selling spree. Loved when Keirn took his knee out and he gave the huge jump sell. Rhodes was subdued for most of it, but BA controlled Arn really well. Eaton’s flying knee drop was so swell. Damn DQ finish but did feature crazy ass Terry Funk wandering around throwing haymakers.

11. Brian Pillman/ Dustin Rhodes v. Steve Austin/ Rick Rude (01/15)

Just 4 awesome guys here, took a while to get started but I was digging Austin and Rude working over the faces like true workmen. Great thing about both guys, they can really put someone over on defense, Rude doing that excruciating back selling and Austin was flying all over the ring like someone from Cirque de Sole. Wish the finish had been clean but Pillman came in hotter than a supernova for his comeback.

12. Lord Steven Regal v. Charlie Norris (01/22)

I really didn’t think I would like this match, Norris isn’t the most polished guy, mostly he just did chops and wear down holds but the ride Regal took him and the viewer on was pretty amazing. This was a title match, so Regal has to make you believe he could lose the title, this was a tremendous scientific bout, possibly the most slow paced there was and Regal was in control the whole way.

13. Rick Rude v. Marcus Bagwell (02/26)

With most other heels, I don’t see this match making it very far, but Rude at the helm, this was quite good. It had the classic veteran heel vs. young rookie and Rude is giving him every chance he knows how, with his big bumps and classic selling (back included). Wasn’t breaking any molds but was solid for the formula. Bagwell nearly didn’t have to even do anything Rude was so in the zone here.

14. Pretty Wonderful v. Erik Watts/ Terry Taylor (07/30)

PW are really good at their jobs, Orndorff throws tantrums like a 15 year old girl wanting to stay out late to see the latest Twilight film; Roma always does a good job protecting his face. The arm work here was downright vicious, Orndorff being particularly nasty. Watts probably had the hottest comeback in his life here and he lets out a super loud war cry from pure adrenaline, it was nuts. Finish looked a little bad but overall this was a heck of a tag bout for TV.

15. Johnny B. Badd/ Terry Taylor v. Bryant Anderson/ DDP (03/20)

An undercard match but everyone was really good in their role, Taylor as the mentor trying to show the heels some good back and forth, Anderson looked a little stiff but was throwing the heavy leather much to my delight. Badd and Page also both looked very competent as up and comers, liked some of the stank Page put on some of his moves. Kim was in a very revealing dress which didn’t hurt matters. Finish was fun and clean too.

16. Vader v. Brad Armstrong (09/10)

One of those really fun matches Vader is so good at, giving someone so much smaller than him the look of being a bad ass, Arm strong takes it to Vader over and over much to the crowd’s delight. But when Vader has to become the monster, he transforms instantly and massacres Brad

17. Harlem Heat v. Terry Taylor/ Mark Starr (10/22)

The Heat did what they said they do best, and that’s make teams look good. Starr hit’s a really cool dropkick out of the gate, like high spots to start it off hot, he also could punch so he’s cool in my book. Taylor looked the part of seasoned vet but it was the Heat who carried all the heat, and controlled the pace, slower when they were in control and faster with the faces. Well done tag match

18. Sting v. Rick Rude (I Quit Match, 05/14)

This really was a great match until that horrible, horrible ending. They were giving you main event type work, Rude is a master of the hurt back, his most famous segment in most matches, and his selling is phenomenal here. Sting is never better than when he’s in charge and amped, with the fans rocking the arena along with him.

19. Ric Flair v. Lord Steven Regal (Marquis of Queensbury Rd 5, 05/28)

The finals to their Queensbury series, this had the advantage of the 5 min. overtime too, but Regal just owned the first half, from the suplexes to the forearm barrage near the end. Flair implements a near fall like lube at his hotel room at night; just right, ending flat but hard with how the structure is.

20. Fantastics v. Pretty Wonderful (12/10)

As good as I expected, Orndorff can get heat but seemed a little out of sorts at moments here but he’s got the tag formula down to a science. Dare I say Roma looked kind of swell here. Rogers was a good face in peril too, years of experience doing it, even if his best years are behind him. Fulton’s hot tag at the end was a small sample of the great work this match was really capable of but that flying elbow looked as good if not better than any of the Shawn ones from the 2000’s on.

21. Ricky Steamboat v. Bryant Anderson (03/05)

A job match that was built in to so much more thanks to Dragon’s awesome work ethic. I was digging the side headlock routine, the different reversals Ricky did and the diff. ways Anderson got it back. Some real hard back suplexes to Dragon that he took with vigor, and doled out the same way. Ending came out of nowhere just as it was picking up but still a surprising treat.

22. Brian Pillman v. Lord Steven Regal (03/12)

This was sort of the Regal show, he controlled the pace, the action, did some really great leg stuff to keep Pillman grounded and work his sort of match. When Pillman came back, Regal was there bumping his craggy ass off to make it all work. No real sequences to speak of until near the end and it makes you wonder how good a 15 minute affair with the intensity turned up would be, plus the ending blew so it doesn’t get as high as I would have hoped.

23. Arn Anderson/ Bunkhouse Buck v. Brad & Brian Armstrong (09/25)

Started out rocky, like most Augusten Burroughs novels, with Brad trying to keep it simple and Buck playing a poor man’s Terry Funk. I loved Brad’s looping right hands, sort of like Bret Hart’s. Arn came in and started dismantling Brad, possibly my favorite example of Arn taking someone apart so far on this disc. I loved the heat segment they both gave Brian, who seemed amped to beat up some roughousers. The whole thing came together after nearly 18 minutes of wrestling, none of which I hated.

24. Ric Flair v. Bobby Eaton (01/15)

Two great old school guys, that had a pretty basic plot to it, but both men were great in their roles. Seemed as if they really brutalized each other with their respective strikes, ending was that same hurt leg thing Flair has done a lot.

25. Dustin Rhodes v. Nasty Ned (06/11)

Ned continues to bump like nobody’s business and Dustin obliges him here by beating the starch right out of him, thanks Gorilla- this slot I gave to commend Ned’s work as I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him take gnarly beatings from everyone to Sting to Bobby Fulton and do it with gusto

The Other Stuff (no particular order)

Ric Flair v. Lord Regal (Marquis of Queensbury Rd 3)

I liked this one because they got right into it, no feeling out and Regal controlled a good part of it, opening where Flair pulled him into a half crab was really neat. The end was ratchet up by Regal’s amazing selling and Flair turning the tables at the very end in a thrilling finale. Missed seeing the Uppercuts but everything else here seemed to build on the two prior bouts.

Lord Steven Regal v. Vern Henderson (04/09)

The crowd was into this for some reason I couldn’t figure out, but it really turned up the excitement. Vern was a sturdy guy who looked like he’s spent a ton of money on cigarettes, coffee and flannel work shirts. Regal was just attracting so much heat he had to give Vern tons of spots. Vern looked like this was his career highlight; he slams Regal down and just soaks up the adulation. Regal didn’t mess around at the end though, he drove his foot through Vern’s face with a devastating dropkick.

DDP v. Brady Boone (06/04)

Jobber match where Page would repeat over the years, someone who was probably more talented than him was putting him over; Boone’s timing and rollups here were impeccable; moonsault put 96 Michaels to shame, Page paced out his big stuff too and was getting pops for the impact. Fun squash

Rick Rude/ Steve Austin/ Paul Orndorff v. Brad Armstrong/ Mark Starr/ Frankie Lancaster (02/05)

The 3 top heels in the company and they make 3 jobbers look like equals; Pace was meandering, but very enjoyable, Armstrong was in the ring way too long, other 2 tried to get him to tag out but wouldn’t, liked his DDT counter on Rude, Starr’s punches were boss and Orndorff’s piledriver was cranium crunching, some 80’s buzz words for you

Lord Steven Regal v. Jungle Jim Steele (08/06)

Regal is such a master, this was an excellent carry job, Steele’s offense was as goofy as him wearing his gimmick out in public. But he did everything with zeal, as did Regal, selling to make everything he did to really mean something.

Thunder & Lightning v. Tex Slazenger/ Shanghai Pierce (1/1)

There’s no real highlights to this one, and for the most part was a solid formula tag match, but I think that’s why I liked it. They’re so rare these days it’s nice to hearken back and watch something like this unfold. Ending was sort of clunky but a staple.

Hacksaw Duggan/ Stars & Stripes v. Lord Regal/ Pretty Wonderful (10/29)

I can’t put this anywhere near my no. 1 because of the copout finish but I’m a sucker for these really well done 6 man tags. This could have benefited from more time as well with a more fleshed out ending this could soar. Everyone was on here, even the apron work, which is a small thing but you looked around as Bagwell struggled to make the hot tag and everyone, all distinct characters, were playing it up with fervor. Regal made everyone look as if they are as good a wrestler as he is, Orndorff was hot dogging, Roma really wasn’t a bad high flyer, Bagwell took a swell beating, Patriot’s punches were totally left over’s from his All Japan run and Duggan was brawling because that’s his cup of tea.

Lord Regal v. Vern Henderson (-7/16)

An even better job match than Dragon’s earlier, Regal looks in complete control of every action of himself and his opponent. Ventura comments “This Henderson’s an excellent wrestler” but that’s because Regal has engineered him that way, like the dinos in Jurassic Park. Some of the most intense and brutal forearms in this whole set, with Regal just teeing off on him for quite a while. Another good reversal of fortune late and fun finish.

Alex Wright v. Brady Boone (10/22)

Nice showcase for both guys, this isn’t top level Juniors style but Boone was hitting some really nice kicks and Wright looked legit out of his league. Real good back and forth too.

Pretty Wonderful v. Joey Maggs/ Todd Morton (10/15)

Again, this jobber team who stole an old Midnight Express pair of tights works well underneath a seasoned team. Morton was a nice guy to sell for them, took everything with gusto, Maggs didn’t do a lot but held his own. Nice splash to end.

Harlem Heat v. Joey Maggs/ Todd Morton (11/12)

A classic tag formula with some rough stuff mixed in. The Heat were not playing around on offense but with seemingly small odds, they really did sell some stuff for these guys. Morton, who would go on to gain many wrestling blog blowjobs looked, like a total gas station attendant but even he looked like an athlete in Heat’s hands. Nice back and forth and real interesting double team finish I never knew they used.

Ricky Steamboat v. Jimmy Rogers (07/16)

Surprise knee work from the get go by the extremely chubby guy in his Monday sweats. Despite it looking like an angry citizen attacked Steamboat leaving the bar, this was made to look like an athletic contest. Great leg selling by Dragon, don’t know anyone that would put that much into a limb.

- Bagwell/ 2 Cold v. Southern Posse (02/12)

Perfect squash, both faces looked real crisp with their offense together and separate, the Posse was pretty null but I saw a few spirited sells. Finish was hotter than Jamie Presley’s sluttiest outfits. Pre match dance off really showed these two’s differences

Fantastics v. Nasty Ned/ Jim Rogers (12/03)

For some reason this team has been my undiscovered favorite team of all time since the blog has really taken off the last few years. They do so many unorthodox things they would never make it in the WWE farm system but they both have charisma and great movement. Loved the double Owen hart dropkick and it led to an even more stiff finish. The slugfest between the 2 Rogers was quite stiff as well

The Patriot v. Nasty Ned (03/12)

I’ve been a long time Del Wilkes fan, since he first appeared in Global, here he fights perennial heel jobber in leather, but the thing about Ned is he’s a bumper bonafide! Patriot’s dropkick was on par with any of Pillman’s here on the set. Ned throws a mean overhand and Patriot answers in similar fashion. Couple good exchanges leading into the finish for an overall satisfying enhancement match.

Frank Anderson v. Tom Burton (10/29)

Not sure who Anderson is, looks like a beach bum who did some really bad 80’s action movies but he fights like a Pancrase reject. Like the unpolished feel of this bout, some really nice throws and suplexes from Anderson to give you some fun visuals to look at.

Terra Ryzing v. Brady Boone (03/12)

Boone outclasses his opponent again, this time the future McMahon sporting the worst fucking hair style of 1994. Boone’s timing is what makes him fun to watch, he always strikes one second before a guys’ ready making everything he throws look and seem real. Trips got caught several times by some nasty kicks, also some whiffs in there. The combo of moves Boone used to try to set up the win, but led to the Game pulling a nifty leg lock was well done.

Harlem Heat v. Nasty Boys (11/26)

Not what you would think, they ran it more like a normal tag team match with some wear down stuff and so forth, both teams still brought it in terms of hard punches and putting an extra stank on all their moves, see splash in the corner which will show you what Nastyville is all about, still never found that on any Google map

Nasty Ned v. Frank Anderson (08/13)

Another fun Nasty Ned encounter, he doesn’t have to bump like normal here but even in control exerts his character to perfection. Anderson seems to have great instincts and dumps Ned on his head several times to my delight.

Johnny B. Badd v. Shanghai Pierce (11/12)

Pierce was a fun opponent for Johnny, because he was rough with him, always pushed the pace and kept pressure on Badd. Badd sort of crumpled with some of it, didn’t seem as sharp, but his strikes were quite good and Pierce sold like he was making great money, which I doubt. Fun 6 minutes

- Pretty Wonderful v. Armstrong Brothers (11/05)

Thought the heel act here did a commendable job of selling in this match, but overall for the length it went, I think nearly 17 minutes, didn’t feel like it did a lot. Brad was the crux of the bout, did some spirited dropkicks, etc. and sold through most of the bout. Brian aka Road Dogg made a great career choice in sporting a shirt in New York.

Arn Anderson v. Leroy Howard (12/17)

Superb arm work is the whole content of this match and it’s excellent to watch Arn work, like one of those live ice cutter seminars. Every move calculated, no wasted movement, so brilliant. Howard does some “horror movie” selling during one particular stretching. Funny, he probably had no idea the great worker he was in there with, probably better than the extra shift at Burger King his boss offered up.

- Stars & Stripes v. Tony Vincent/ Ron Oakes (09/03)

Really elongated squash, loved Vincent working over Bagwell’s back with a variety of offense, Patriot acting like he was on equal terms with Oakes early on and his nasty Patriot slam

Pretty Wonderful v. Ken Kendall & Vern Henderson (03/05)

This was enjoyable simply for the fact that everything PW did was stiff, and made an impact. They doled out a severe beating here in a few short minutes and was quite enjoyable.

Frank Anderson v. Gambler (09/03)

Adam told me Gambler was his favorite jobber on the set, this is the only match I saw where I enjoyed him, pulling out some nasty uppercuts, and took Anderson’s throws pretty well

- DDP v. Buddy Wayne (11/05)

Page sporting a Jack Sparrow stache and Kim at ringside sporting rock hard nips? This was one of those things where it’s too hard to believe it’s happening. Bully heckling him at ringside, Page’s ridiculous plancha, never make it near a top anything list but wanted to comment

- Sting v. Cocoa Samoa (08/27)

Only reason to mention this is after a clothesline, Samoa lands on his neck much like I’m guessing Christopher Reeve did years ago, super painful

Brian’s Ballot

1. Ricky Steamboat vs. Beautiful Bobby Eaton - 6/4

2. Harlem Heat vs. Nasty Boys - 11/26

3. Maxx Payne vs. Ron Simmons - Street Fight - 5/21

4. Rick Rude vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell - 2/26

5. Cactus Jack vs. Vader - Texas Tornado Match - 4/30

6. Dustin Rhodes and Brian Pillman vs. Steve Austin and Lord Steven Regal - 3/5

7. Terry Funk and Bunkhouse Buck vs. Erik Watts and Barry Houston - 8/20

8. Harlem Heat vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Too Cold Scorpio - 3/26

9. Bad Attitude vs. Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson - 7/16

10. Ric Flair vs. Lord Steven Regal - Marquis of Queensbury Cup Round #5 - 5/28

11. Brian Pillman and Dustin Rhodes vs. Rick Rude and Steve Austin - 1/15

12. Stars & Stripes vs. Bad Attitude - 7/23

13. Rick Rude vs. Sting - I Quit Match - 5/14

14. Arn Anderson and Bunkhouse Buck vs. Brad and Brian Armstrong - 9/24

15. Harlem Heat and Ron Simmons vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Too Cold Scorpio, and Ice Train - 4/9

16. Bobby Eaton vs. Ric Flair - 1/15

17. Terry Taylor and Johnny B. Badd vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Bryant Anderson - 3/19

18. Steve Austin vs. Terry Taylor - 6/11

19. Flyin' Brian vs. Bunkhouse Buck - 4/23

20. Jim Duggan and Stars & Stripes vs. Lord Steven Regal and Pretty Wonderful - 10/29

21. Vader vs. Brad Armstrong - 9/10

22. Southern Posse vs. Brian and Brad Armstrong - 8/20

23. Lord Steven Regal vs. Charlie Norris - 1/22

24. Fantastics vs. Pretty Wonderful - 12/10

25. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Brady Boone - 6/4


26. Harlem Heat vs. Kenny Kendall and Steve Collins - 11/19

27. Pretty Wonderful vs. Brad and Brian Armstrong - 11/5

28. Lord Steven Regal vs. Vern Henderson - 7/16

29. Alex Wright vs. Brady Boone - 10/22

30. Harlem Heat vs. Johnny B. Badd and Michael Hayes - 2/12

31. Vader vs. Maxx Payne - 3/19

32. Lord Steven Regal vs. Johnny B. Badd - 1/8

33. Ric Flair vs. Lord Steven Regal - Marquis of Queensbury Cup Round #1 - 4/30

Geo’s Ballot

1. Sting vs. Rude (I Quit - 5/19/94)

Rude took four straight back drops and they looked great and he sold by arching his back. Great back psych with the camel clutch and just working over the back in general. Rude’s facial selling was great. He looked legit scared that his back was injured. Sting sold everything well too. The ending sucked and made no sense.

2. Cactus Jack vs. Vader (Texas Death - 5/1/94)

So much hate! Fans just wanted to see Jack beat Vader, but valiantly as Jack would try, he always seemed to be overpowered by the Mastadon. Vader wasn’t afraid to bump around, either. He was rolling all over the floor, eating Jack’s offense including a sick chair shot. Jack took a sick powerbomb onto the floor that looked like he smashed the back of his head at the time.

3. Ric Flair vs. Steven Regal (5/24/94)

Really great mat based offense by both guys, featuring Regal really sticking it to Flair. Flair would get the crowd behind him very easily, causing them to hang on with every bump he took. Some great teasing that Regal would submit when Flair locked on the figure four leg lock, but he didn’t. Regal kept selling the leg much after the lock was in place, which was a really nice touch. Flair got the backslide which blew the roof off the arena.

4. Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. Rick Rude (2-27-94)

Really great crowd heat in this match. The fans really wanted to see the youngster Bagwell dismantle Rude and take his title. Great arm-work by Bagwell throughout the match. Rude remembered to sell the arm throughout which brought a smile to my face. Enjoyed Rude working over the midsection of Bagwell. Bagwell hit a nice atomic drop on Rude which Rick sold by buckling his knees and getting the look on his face the kind of way a swift kick to the balls would make you look. Really great crowd heat and good pacing.

5. Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs. Harlem Heat (3/27/94)

So much fun. Bagwell brought a great ground and pound style while Scorp brought the high spots. Harlem Heat were stiff and really ate the offense of their opponents. Scorp’s moonsault was crisp and clean. The run-ins in the end were fun to watch, too.

6. Brian Pillman vs. Steven Regal (3/13/94)

Mat based style to start the match showed that Regal had the upper-hand because it made Pillman wrestle in Regal’s environment. Good job of keep Pillman down and building up the fans reaction until Pillman finally came back. Finish was DQ when Pillman got thrown over the top rope. Regal hit Pillman with William’s cane.

7. Dustin Rhodes & Brian Pillman vs. Steve Austin & Rick Rude (1/16/94)

A really good southern style tag featuring some great hot tags. Dustin’s ability to make the crowd feel sympathy for him is great. Pillman had great energy in the match. Rude was playing the classic cocky heel who was just there to punish to two younger guys. Austin was bumping around great, especially when he went for a leg drop on Pillman who was laying on the ropes, only to miss and bounce off the ropes like a maniac.

8. Bobby Eaton vs. Ricky Steamboat (6/4/94)

Bobby’s selling in this match made it look like he legit had an injury. Ricky looked great, especially this spot where he basically walked up Eaton when in a test of strength. Looked clean. Eaton’s take-down was quite unique. The teasing of Ricky’s comeback was well-done. Every time it looked like Ricky was coming back, Bobby would shut him down. Bobby’s staggering legged sell before getting pummelled by a cross-body by Ricky was sweet.

9. Harlem Heat & Ron Simmons vs. Too Cold Scorpio, Marcus Bagwell, & Ice Train (4/10./94)

This match had a hell of a lot of heat. The fans were going rabid watching the face team beat the heels. Whenever Heat would cheat, the fans would start booing like crazy. Scorpio looked great as ever, throwing some great dropkicks and some great. The pin was great because Stevie Ray was so close to breaking it up, but missed it barely

10. Steven Regal vs. Johnny B. Badd (1/9/94)

Really really great arm-work in this match. Both guys just looked like they had so much control over one another the entire time. The arm-work was particularly great because it was recurring - both guys kept going back to it as a means of getting the edge on their opponent.

11 Ric Flair vs. Steven Regal (5/8/94)

The matches seem to be getting more and more aggressive and heated. Regal and Flair were rolling on the mat with the intention of getting the win in this match that seemed to be driving them beyond their normal matches. I enjoyed the fluidity of Regal’s chain wrestling.

12. Steve Austin vs. Ricky Steamboat (7/31/94)

DQ fin was BS, but there was some great mat wrestling in this match. Both men were able to get the upper hand on one another, which really made me wonder who was going to come out on top. Steve was getting crazy heat for not letting up on Ricky after he hooked his leg in the rope and continued to pummel him. Steamboat sold it like death. Nice.

13. Pretty Wonderful vs. Brad & Brian Armstrong (11/4/94)

Brad’s work as the face in peril was excellent here. Every time he would try to get back on top, Roma or Orndorff would dominate him again. His exhaustive selling was on display as well and looked very good. Brian also looked good in that he was passionate on the apron, waiting anxiously for the tag.

14. Johhny B. Badd & Terry Taylor vs. Bryant Anderson & DDP (3/20/94)

Really fun sprint. The pace of the match was perfect for its spot on the card. DDP sold the jawbreaker great and it looked like it hurt. Match was particularly fun because it featured Anderson getting a good rub being put in with two midcard faces and he was able to hang with them.

15. Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs. The Southern Posse (2/13/94)

Scorp and Bag are an excellent team. They both bring a strong element of high flying and heavy hitting to their matches. The finish was great, seeing scorp his a phoenix splash leg drop. Posse did a good job at bumping around for the two yonger guys, making them look 10x stronger than they actually are.

16. Ric Flair vs. Bobby Eaton 1/16/94)

Really great ring presence by Flair. No matter what, it felt like all eyes were on him throughout the match. Bobby had some great heel heat by keeping Flair down on the mat and dominanting him in the middle. Flair’s comeback was great and fed into a nice finish of Bobby missing the diving knee drop from the top rope which Flair took advantage of and put him in the Figure Four for the win.

17. Dustin Rhodes & Arn Anderson vs. Bad Attitude (7-16-94)

This was a really great 80s style tag. Rhodes looked great in the ring and had the fiery babyface aspect working throughout the match. Arn’s selling of the leg was textbook and looked amazing. BA also looked great, working over Arn’s knee well and making use of good psych.

18. Steven Regal & Steve Austin vs. Dustin Rhodes & Brian Pillman (3/6/94)

Fun little sprint match that featured four distinct elements: Regal brought the stiffness, Austin brought the selling and bumping, Rhodes brought the easy-to-get-behind babyface, and Pillman the fiery babyface. Really fun match featuring a huge hot tag to Pillman leading to Pilman exploding with dropkicks and body presses, pinning Regal.

19. Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck vs. Erik Watts & Barry Houston (8/20/94)

Terry is a madman. About 3/4th the way through the match, he brought to the ring a plastic garbage can and went about doing a moonsault on it. Barry’s selling was great. Every time he ate a punch, he’d throw his hands back as if someone had just hit him with a brick.

20. Ric Flair vs. Steven Regal (5/21/94)

really hated Regal and Regal got great heat by simply wrestling. Regal sold the leg snap really well by stumbling around on his injured leg.

21. Pretty Wonderful vs. The Fantastics (12/11/94)

I really enjoyed Roma’s performance. The agility he has is nothing short of amazing for a man his size. Orndorff looked good as well. He was barely able to kick out of a few pins which made the Fantastics look great. The Fantastics had a good baby-face style sympathy throughout as they were being dominated. I enjoyed the breakdown at the end of the match.

22. The Fantastics vs. The Southern Posse (11/12/94)

The Fantastics are a great team together. Both guys feed off of one another so well and display some great technical ability in the ring. Great use of each other as bases of moves. For example, the hiptoss by one onto one of the opponents. Southern Posse did a good job of making the Fantastics look good and good exhaustive selling by SP.

23. Pretty Wonderful vs. Brad & Brian Armstrong (6/25/94)

I really enjoyed the heel work by PW. Both guys have the art of being heel down to a tee.Brian had some great selling in this match as well as Brad. His in-ring wasn’t too bad either.

24. Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff vs. Terry Taylor & Erik Watts (7-31-94)

Taylor and Orndorff were the standouts here. Really great selling by both guys. A simple arm-wringer on Orndorff led to his great selling of grimaces and head whips. Orndorff locked up Terry’s arm and took a bump, wrenching Taylor’s arm which he sold like it was dislocated.

25. Steve Austin vs. Terry Taylor (6/12/94)

Taylor seemed to have the match in control and right where he wanted Austin for the first half of the match, just utterly dominating him by keeping him on the mat in tangles. Austin did a really great job of building up the frustration for his heel comeback. Taylor showed some great fire in his chops during his comeback and took the energy off the hook, unleashing the cr

Offical Ballot- Adam

1. Marcus Bagwell vs. Rick Rude (2/26) – Just a fantastic match. Bagwell’s offense looked crisp and timely. Rude had some awesome selling. Why did Bagwell work the uninjured arm of Rude?

2. Cactus Jack vs. Vader (4/30/94) – Stiff brawl. Jack hit Vader with some nasty chair shots. It’s obvious that both guys really enjoy pounding on each other. Vader’s pulled no punches. Race took a bump on the floor. One of the stiffest powerbombs on record KOs Cactus.

3. Rick Rude vs. Sting (5/14) – Rude took four straight gnarly back drops. Sting worked on the back with Rude selling everything in a fantastic way. Sting wasn’t much on selling, just laying on the mat at points. Strange ending with the ref counting Rude out as he was trying to attack Vader on the big screen. Huh?

4. Harlem Heat vs. The Nasty Boys (11/26) – Really hard hitting bout. Nasties worked really stiff. Heat didn’t take it easy either. Minimal selling involved from all parties.

5. Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck vs. Erik Watts & Barry Houston (8/20) – Wild bout. Funk missed a moonsault and landed on a plastic garbage can. Houston ate a nasty piledriver on the concrete. Houston sold a big boot from Buck like death. Watts took a hard branding iron shot afterwards. Really, really fun.

6. Johnny B. Badd vs. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker (5/28) – Looks like a throwaway bout on paper but turned out to be a really physical match. Parker delivered some hard elbows and Badd took a really rough looking snake eyes move on the ropes.

7. Ric Flair vs. Lord Steven Regal (5/28) – Final round of Queensbury cup. Good mat wrestling. Flair lit up regal with a chop. Hard elbows in the corner by Regal. Fat lady in the crowd interferes with Sir William. First period seemed like they were just killing time. Second period was very intense and physical.

8. Terry Taylor vs. Steve Austin (6/11) – Austin played a good cowardly heel. Taylor looked really good, better than he did for most everything else on this show. Reversals were smooth, offense was spot on, and he gave Austin some really hard punches on the outside. Austin sold for Taylor like crazy.

9. Bunkhouse Buck vs. Brian Pillman (4/23) – Pillman hard into post. Buck dealt out hard shots. More of a brawl/fight than a straight match. Pillman dished out a few hard chops and elbows. Also, a hard DDT. Fun, wild bout.

10. Ric Flair vs. Lord Steven Regal (5/14) – 3rd round of Queensbury cup. Regal’s selling was fantastic, especially his facials. Flair working the legs early led into the figure four at the end. Everything in this round had a purpose. No time was wasted.

11. Ric Flair vs. Lord Steven Regal (5/7) – 2nd round of Queensbury cup. Better than first round which was just a feeling out process. Good stuff here. Everything from each guy was crisp and the reversals were very smooth. Flair’s chops made me wince.

12. Ron Simmons vs. Maxx Payne (5/21) – Really wild bout in the streets of the NYC backlot. Both guys took some crazy shots with a board, including one that almost broke Simmons’ forearm. Payne looked really sloppy running the ropes. Simmons used a hammer at the end.

13. Bobby Eaton & Steve Kiern vs. Dustin Rhodes & Arn Anderson (7/16) – Decent tag match. Kiern didn’t look great. Eaton was the glue of his team. Liked the Rhodes comeback at the end. Arn was very energetic and crisp on offense.

14. Marcus Bagwell, The Patriot, & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Lord Steven Regal, Paul Orndorff, & Paul Roma (10/25) – Bagwell played a great face in peril. Duggan had some hard, stiff offense. Roma came across as very bland and as exciting as a trip to the dentist. Orndorff had some good selling. Patriot didn’t contribute much except for his usual offense. Wild brawl at the end.

15. Brad & Brian Armstrong vs. Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma (11/5) – Expected the standard fare from Orndorff and Roma but was pleasantly surprised. The Armstrongs, especially the future Road Dogg, looked really good. Roma showed some great agility. Much better than the same 6/25 match between the two.

16. Ric Flair vs. Bobby Eaton (1/15) – Mat work on the pin attempts was good. Nice reversal from Flair into a hammerlock. They kept it simple and put on a good bout.

17. Shanghai Pierce vs. Johnny B. Badd (11/12) – Pierce worked stiff, had some hard clotheslines out of the corner. Notice Badd calling spots, seemed like he was on cruise control. Pierce sandbagged the fin.

18. Rick Rude & Steve Austin vs. Dustin Rhodes & Brian Pillman (1/15) – First Austin/Pillman exchange was intense. Rude sold an atomic drop like he was constipated. Match was built around Austin and Pillman. Weird finish with Tony saying “we’re out of time” and the heels just stopped and walked to the back.

19. Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne vs. Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma (1/1) – Heels controlled the majority of the match. Orndorff was unimpressive and Roma just came across as bland. Jack was only in briefly.

20. Brian Pillman vs. The Gambler (6/4) – Gambler’s selling and facials were just fantastic. Good hard chop by Pillman.

21. Johnny B. Badd vs. Lord Steven Regal (1/8) – Fun bout. Both guys worked very well together. Regal’s reversals were tremendous but Badd’s offense was so-so.

22. Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot vs. Bobby Eaton & Steve Kiern (7/23) – Kiern with a vicious elbow off of a double team move. Eaton and Kiern looked better here than in the 7/16 match. Big legal man problem at the end.

23. Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma vs. Erik Watts & Terry Taylor (7/30) – Heels offense slowed the pace. Taylor did a good job of selling. Watts stayed active on the apron when he wasn’t involved in in-ring activites. Watts offense was simple but effective. Roma’s did a splash from the top rope that looked like it wouldn’t hurt a dead man.

24. Vader vs. Brad Armstrong (9/10) – Scott showed fire on offense but pissed off Vader when he knocked him over the top rope. Vader then killed Brad with an ill powerbomb.

25. Bobby Eaton vs. Ricky Steamboat (6/4) – Shorter bout than I anticipated. Liked Eaton working on Steamboat’s knee but he came across as a glorified jobber.

26. Hulk Hogan & Sting vs. The Bruise Brothers (11/12) – Short match were nobody broke a sweat. Fun though since everyone in the building went apeshit for Hogan.

27. Scott & Brian Armstrong vs. Kevin Sullivan & Avalanche (11/19) – Armstrongs were really good at selling, especially Scott. Avalanche did the heavy lifting for his team.

28. Sting vs. The Gambler (8/13) – Sting busted out nothing but his usual offense and Gambler bumped around like a pinball and sold it like a champ.

29. Lord Steven Regal vs. Jungle Jim Steele (8/6) – Steele is very sloppy and awkward in his movements. Regal proved his worth and managed to get a good match out of Steele. Regal’s facials were fantastic.

30. Jungle Jim Steele vs. The Gambler (7/23) – Steel’s offense was very basic. Impressed by Gambler’s selling and heel tactics.

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