Monday, April 11, 2011

R.I.P. Larry Sweeney

I was looking for a Sweeney match to review due to his death which is a tradition I started back when the crabby Gran Naniwa passed. I found this. Sweeney's upper-body looks better than I recall. They're wrestling on the set of WWE Velocity. Who the hell is Joe Negron and why isn't he signed? Hey someone played Garrison Cade's entrance video when Negron strutted down the aisle and I imagine they were promptly terminated. Negron's selling of an opening shot is very robotic -- almost computer-like in its unnatural precision. I must have missed this episode of Velocity. Larry is busting out moves I've never seen before. I think something is up. When I'm brawling on the floor the first thing I think to do is wrap my thighs around my opponent's head and squeeze too -- just like RVD did to Anderson up in the rafters on iMPACT! 4/7/11. The commentator says its a very "psychological match" but it just seems like a strand of random moves with little to no storytelling or sustained selling. How does Negron get that beanie to stay on his head the whole time? Negron rises from a powerslam like Undertaker circa '93. I guess there's no countouts? They bust out a sequence that calls back Maeda vs. Takada 1/15/90. The pinfall seemed to come out of nowhere. A nice find as some shots almost looked like CGI so this was certainly not a Smart Mark or RF Video release and while not top-shelf Sweeney this match was unlike any I've ever seen before and the best tribute I could do on short notice.

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