Monday, December 27, 2010

TNA Impact- 12/23/10

First off, the opening promo featured some of the best, hands down, mic work between Foley, Flair and Bischoff. It's so obvious that those guys have years of experience and years of having to make money off interviews, where as now you just read it off a script.

1) Jeff Jarrett v. Amazing Red- MMA Rules- 1
2) Jeremy Buck v. Max Buck v. Robbie E v. Kazarian- 2
3) Tara/ Madison Rayne v. Angelina Love/ Winter- 3
4) AJ Styles v. Doug Williams (15 Min. Iron Man Match)- 5
5) Beer Money/ Abyss/ Jeff Hardy v. Motor City Machineguns/ Matt Morgan/ Rob Van Dam- 4

So here's the next Greasegate, where's BJ when you need him? I'd rather see these two try to put 4 good minutes of a match together (the usual TNA time slot given for in ring action) but instead it's the lamest of all the Jarrett segments so far.

4 corners match was a pile of dung, honestly. Bucks threw out a bunch of their unbelievable offense while E posed and I couldn't honestly tell what was sticking out more, Cookie's boobs or her gut. Kazarian pulled off a sick finish but does it really matter?

Onto the Knockouts Tag Title Match, what an odd collection of actions and moves here? This felt more awkward than going to an ex's funeral. Madison still doesn't know how to wrestle but she's in character. Love looks good performing moves but she wasn't really selling a damn thing. Too bad Tara wasn't injured, she could have upped this one. Finish was fine, Winter looked competent.

Never been a Williams fan, he had one of the shittiest PPV matches of the year against Sabu, now they're pushing him as one of the best in the biz? AJ has turned shit into gold numerous times, this time it's TV gold apparently. One minor issue, no clock on the screen or tally for an Iron Man match? Fun opening sequence, worked to Doug's strengths. AJ keeps it real basic for most of the bout, his heel schtick, really is much better as a face. But he does so many things great, huge bumps always, selling is always on, good heel mannerisms despite my misgivings earlier, nasty strikes, the most consistent guy TNA's ever had in the company. Williams actually finds a rhythm with AJ and despite the insulting ending, they both turn it up leading to the finale here.

There's actually a lot of talent involved here, but you don't really get any complete performances except from a few guys, Guns, esp. Shelly, who carries the bulk of this, Jeff, & Roode. Usually even Storm looks good but here he looked in a daze. If this had some time, it could have been developed, but it gets maybe 9-10 minutes, enough for a long face in peril sequence then a runon sentence where everyone hits a high spot. At least on Raw they save the last 20 minutes when all their top guys are in a big mess like this to let them work. Roode shined in the ending sequence making the Guns look major league. But, if you skipped the 100th airing of The Grinch this holiday season, and opted for this Impact, you sorely wasted your time. Besides the opening aforementioned interview, the show largely stunk like a Sarita dump after eating at Chipotle or if you prefer a cleaner analogy, as worthless as an Eric Bischoff TV pilot.

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Brian said...

i agree pretty much in theory with everything said here save for on item.. - you took a dump on Love's selling which after watching the show closely myself seems unwarranted.. - she sold better than either Tara or Rayne, and, better than some of the guys involved in the main (namely Morgan and Abyss).. - it was mostly anguish selling, but some nice touches, including instinctively reaching out to to corner of her partner Velvet (who wasn't there).. - she even sold each and every stomp and strike be it with a hair whip, etc. - i'd argue without her selling, the match really would have felt like a bunch of broken robots awkwardly mechanically imitating wrestling..