Friday, December 17, 2010

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2010 - Night One

PWG's Battle of Los Angeles is a staple on the West Coast. The past years have always came through as awesome events. Here's hoping this year's can match.

The Cutler Brothers vs. The Young Bucks - 4

This was a spot-fest on steroids. It was really fun to watch, I have to admit, but like most Young Bucks matches, there was nothing in terms of selling or psychology, just spot after spot usually involving a super-kick or flip... sometimes both. Here's my biggest problem with this match: so many of the offensive moves that the Bucks tried to hit barely connected, if at all. This led to the match seeming very, how do you say... fake? The super kicks looked so soft the bucks might as well have been shaking hands with the Cutlers. The Cutlers brothers saved this match and the Young Bucks. They sold all of the Bucks shitty offense like they were being hit by bricks, and dished out some stiff moves themselves along with some great sequences of moves.

Ryan Taylor vs. Brandon Gatson - 5

I've been digging both of these guys this year. While Gatson may seem like a bland acrobat, he connects with the crowd and makes them watch him. Taylor works a junior heavyweight puro style so I instantly liked him. He also comes off as a surfer prick with a chip on his shoulder, which I dig as well. Taylor's strikes come off crisp and stiff, while Gatson's take-downs and flying maneuvers come off as... tooo saaweeet~!~!

Chuck Taylor vs. Joey Ryan - 3

Joey Ryan didn't really seem to step it up in this match. As a matter of fact, it really felt like both guys kind of phoned it in. The match kind of dragged and was pretty boring to be honest. Chuck hit a couple of nice dives and Joey hit a few shots, but really the match never took off.

Roderick Strong vs. Paul London - 3

Paul seems to be getting back in the groove after his sabbatical from pro wrestling. Paul had his trunks stuffed making it look like he had a huge package, consequently leading to the fans chanting, "Teabag Roddy." It got a bit old after a while. Roderick doesn't belong in a comedy match. Doing this is a waste of money on PWG's part. Paul hit his usual offense like the drop-sault and his shooting star, but the what-seemed-like-1o-minutes of bullshit comedy in the beginning took away from this match... a lot!

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ricochet - 5

I love Dub C. Watching him square off against a light weight guy who likes to do sick, crazy maneuvers is one metric shit ton of fun. Let me also state that Ricochet is absolutely insane. He has no regard for his own body and will gladly break his neck for a pop. Gotta love that level of dedication. Claudio absolutely man-handled Ricochet though in a manner that would make the Gestapo proud (BDK!). His European uppercut after throwing a guy 10 feet in the air is absolutely maddening in the best way possible. The height he throws the guy in the air is quite an amazing feat. Really fun match, but it was 100% obvious Ricochet had no chance.

Rocky Romero vs. Austin Aries - 6

Another solid match. Neither man really got the upper-hand throughout the match, leading to the questioning of just who would win. The recently ROH-departed Aries had a damn fine showing here in PWG, selling like a wobbly-legged maniac. Romero is great in the ring. He is so technically sound and busts out great juji gatame in so many variations. A sight to behold! Stiff strikes were also available in the match, especially ones involving feet~! Fun stuff.

Brian Cage vs. Brandon Bonham - 5

Cage made his debut in PWG at last month's event, Seven. He had a relatively impressive showing and comes off as an asshole that's a good worker. Bonham, with his surfer-dude look and all, still is sound in the ring and I enjoy his offense. Cage had a great sell in the match when Bonham hit a flipping stunner off the top rope, featuring a head whip back and a glazed over look. More glazed over than Stephanie after downing bottles of Yager at the McMahon Christmas party. Bonham's Hammer of the Gods finisher (Canadian Destoyer) was sold fantastically by Cage. Dude is impressive.

Akira Tozawa vs. El Generico - 6

Both of these guys connect with the crowd so very well. Charisma was flowing all over the place. Tozawa just has such a great presence. When the fans would chant "Ole," Tozawa would scream at them to shut up. I loved Tozawa's sick stiff kicks to Gen's chest, and I loved Generico's Mich. driver. Great sequence. The junior heavyweight puro style was too cool in this match -- just such a great mixture of stiffness and sequences that create a great match. Generico's stagger sells are quite a sight -- how could anyone not like him?! Really great flow in the match. Exemplary!

Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Hero - 5

Ho.Ly.Shit. These guys are two of my faves hooking it up in one of my favorite companies! I dug the story of you younger Chris Hero showing that he could indeed hang with the older, more experienced Daniels, but Hero would have to work for any respect. Lots of aggression and shot exchanges between the two made for some great action. Finish kind of came out of nowhere which held it back, but the rest of the match had a really good build and really great pacing. Both guys worked a snug style, but you can really tell the respect they have for one another. DIG IT!

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