Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WWE Superstars - 11/10/10

I am a DISH networks subscriber, among the many complaints i have with the service is I do not get WGN anymore, on my cable package. therefore no Superstars, a show I really enjoyed. And the guys are always pimping stuff off here, so occasionally I am going online and watching them back, so figured since I'm watching it, let's just review one~!

1) Zach Ryder v. Yoshi Tatsu- 5
Okay good opener here. Zach seems like he doesn't know how to get his charisma out during the content of the match, didn't do a lot great during his control section except for the very Windham-esque superplex that was better than almost any move on Raw in the months. Tatsu is a treat to watch though, like Community, just puts a smile on your face. Really awesome back bump off the feet in the corner, Shining Wizard seems like it's done by everyone but this one was just as good as any other.

2) Eziekel Jackson v. Primo- 2
Not bad, was thinking Jackson was going to be a big piece of clay, ready to be molded with each opponent he fights, but not enough happened here to really tell if he's coming along. Primo's front facelock was total stalling, but obviously his talents are being squandered as well.

3) Drew McIntyre v. Kaval- 6
Drew's modern sad rock entrance song was pretty stupid. This was a good match though, lots of really innovative stuff, Kaval's upside spin kick is a really cool transition move. McIntyre i wasn't really sold on, but his deliberate method is sort of cool because it's different. Sick NOAH apron suplex that couldn't have felt good. Striker trying to sell WWE's roster as "world class" is funny, Ki's fought KENTA & Kanemoto, you trying to tell me Drew is tougher? I'd quicker buy stock in Blockbuster video than believe that one. Only Kaval would attempt a coppo kick rolling up steel pointed stairs, crazy spot. I can say whole heartedly after watching this Kaval is one of the best in the company, sadly he's doing the lose every match gimmick, has that ever been a good idea?


Cindy said...

Nice information here today. I enjoyed taking in the post.

Geo said...

I fucking loved Drew Mac vs. Ki!

Jessie said...

thanks, glad you enjoyed it....it was pretty sweet admittedly