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DVDVR's Best of Texas from the 80's Disc 4

This discs are loaded, so it's taking me much longer than I thought to work my way through them. But be patient, this is happening.

1) Terry Gordy v. Chris Adams (2/3 Falls, November 12th, 1983)- 6
2) Fabulous Freebirds v. Kerry, Kevin & David Von Erich (Elimination Match, November 21st, 1983)- 6
3) Kerry Von Erich v. Michael Hayes (Loser Leaves Town Cage Match, November 24th, 1983)-4
4) Jimmy Garvin/ Terry Gordy v. Kerry Von Erich/ Chris Adams (2/3 Falls, November 28th, 1983)-4
5) Iceman King Parsons v. Buddy Roberts (December 12th, 1983)-5
6) Iceman King Parsons/ Brian Adias v. Super Destroyers (2/3 Falls, January 30th, 184)- 4
7) Jimmy Garvin v. Chris Adams (Steel Cage Match, January 30th, 1984)- 5
8) Ric Flair v. Chris Adams (February 3rd, 1984)- 7
9) Iceman King Parsons & Chris Adams v. Jimmy Garvin & The Missing Link (March 2nd, 1984)-3
10) Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy v. Kamala & The Missing Link (March 16th, 1984)-4
11) Kamala, The Missing Link & Super Destroyer #2 v. The Fabulous Freebirds (March 30th, 1984)-6
12) Jimmy Garvin v. Chris Adams (April 2nd, 1984)-5
13) Jimmy Garvin v. Chris Adams (April 15th, 1984)-3

So first match is a 2/3 falls match, which I love, not fond of the 30 minute draw type, the evidence is in this match, as it peaks a good 4, maybe 3 minutes before the time is expiring and should have ended but it can't because of the constraints of what they are trying to do. that being said, it's still a fun, hard worked wrestling match. 1st round is pretty dull, even for opening holds and feeling out process. 2nd fall is a quickie, then onto the third where it pretty much won me over because it was all based around back suplexes, Saito type. Adams really holds his own against, in my own humble opinion, possibly the greatest big guy that ever laced a pair up.

Fitting this is David's last match on the set and he gets the big win here, he looked real crisp on most stuff but when in control a little lost, like a blind man trying to find his way around a sex club with no braille on the hookers? I don't even know what that meant. Anyways, really lengthy bout that only picked up when they got Kerry and Hayes out of there and it became a tag situation. Roberts bumped his ass off like his paycheck depended on it. Strange to see David being choked with Gordy's Oriental Spike when just weeks later he would choke on 2 giant portherhouse steaks to his death.

This one was clipped, even so, kind of grew sour on the the overblown Hayes-Kerry element to this feud. They get heat like Satan in a sauna, but I prefer the supporting players matches more. This had all sorts of hijinx in it with Fritz getting involved to give his prostate a kick, and Roberts taking a ridiculous and frightening crotch bump on top of the cage for no reason and in the end, the match ends much the way it was built upon: lots of subpar punching.

This match also didn't do a lot for me, i could see maybe how it would for some. 1st fall featured some timid rest holds and Garvin and Kerry working together as well as a corpse trying to put up a Christmas tree. 2nd fall picked up a bit, Gordy sold like the best jobber you've ever seen, he and Adams have great chemistry. 3rd fall was pretty indicitive of a lot of World Class stuff and it's kind of wearing on me, very formulaic to a lot of other tags i've seen.

A fun scrim between two pretty outrageous characters. Lots of classic heel stalling and other tricks Roberts utilized, very fun match for your 8 year old to watch but for some reason I also enjoyed it. Not a lot of content, some solid strikes both men are known for and some real vicious kneedrops from Roberts.

I don't miss the 80's. The Super Destroyers are two masked men who are even more clunky than Demolition were. Iceman and Adias are both young though and keep the match at a somewhat lively pace. This match didn't need 3 falls, it barely had enough good stuff to fill one regular paced match. Akbar's 5 minute period with Iceman afterwards was just as stale.

Adams worked harder than Roy Munson trying to eat crab legs. All his spots were timed perfectly, some good psych with trying to use the same tactics Garvin did and the finish came off well. Some negatives were the women staying inside the cage?, Garvn's selling of the leg (looked like a little kid being tickled) and the flow of the match was pretty leisurely. Adams got some major blood but didn't give it any sort of big match feel.

More I watch of this set Adams just appeals to me more and more. The guy can go, it's too bad he never got a chance in one of the big 2 as the 80's unfolded into the 90's and that he was such a festering boil on society in his personal life because he could go. Offensively, he mis-stepped a few times but his selling for Flair was as good as anyone he got in other territories. Flair offensively was at a high point, all his stuff looked painful and well executed, suplexes, backbreakers and blistering chops. Ending was good too, even if the slow Lubich made the count like he was counting his coin collection at home.

This was sort of a mess, probably like Fritz's nightly diaper changes after he caught Kerry taking pictures of the dog's wang. Iceman was throwing some nasty shots that weren't pulled at all and that was the lone spot to enjoy although Link threw some token big man swipes that looked hurty. Brawl that capped this one off was as tame as a zoo animal. Adams and Sunshine dancing to Beat It coming in made me lose my lunch.

Match was fun in a ridiculous brawl sort of way, the monsters were bumping like gymrats for the Freebirds punches in a fun visual. Slow point was Link and Kamala on offense, which made the bulk of this, but when they were exchanging with the Birds, match picked up steam. Can't rate this too high, was the start of something bigger, so wasn't fully developed.

Can you imagine the propieter's face of whatever bar in Denton, TX those 6 took over after this show? A fun wild brawl, Gordy was just punches, Hazyes was having fun taking cheap shots, Roberts was solid, Link was real stiff and sold his ass off, Kamala was fully engrossed in character and Destroyer impressed me, he was sort of the glue, and pulled off a great dropkick and falling Nash sideslam better than that over payed hack has done in a decade. See this one for a good 10 minute romp.

This was better than most of their stuff, some good near falls, Adams putting on another great performance, cool tombstone and back bridge injected some Japanese flavor in there. But again, they always do long legwork sections in all their matches yet neither of them have a leg submission nor attempt one to win.

Another flavorless match, that seemed mostly built around the women trying to kill each other and the men following the same formula they've been using. Sidestory: Back in June 1999, besides seeing an awesome Rey v. Jericho match that was one of Jericho's last in the company, me, Brian and some other buds got to see "Gentleman" Chris Adams in action agains Vampiro and it was quite a treat for me to be able to catch in action one the guys from World Class I grew up watching live and only a few years before he was murdered.


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no score on the last match

Geo said...

Really enjoyed this writeup. That Flair vs. Adams match was amazing as was the elimination match. There's also so many great things you'll see coming up on the next disc, too.

Jessie said...

thanks it's on there now

can't wait for more, after David dies, the territory seems to change, excited to see where it goes.

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