Monday, November 8, 2010

TNA iMPACT! 11/4/10

1. Velvet Sky vs. Sarita - 1
2. Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal & Mickie James vs. Generation Me & Tara - 3
3. A.J. Styles vs. RVD vs. Rhino for the TV title - 3
4. Kazarian vs. Douglas Williams - 1
5. The Pope vs. Abyss - 2
6. Matt Morgan vs. Eric Bischoff - 0

A really bad episode this week. I was disappointed in the opener, expected more from the ladies, but there were several miscues and "deer in headlight" looks that made this appear like it was their first match at the local armory in front of Papaw. Six-person tag was best action of the night, Neal's not yet "good", but he's improved, and his selling in the heel control segment was fine. The Bucks' facials and personas have really gotten fun to watch. The three-way, featuring two guys I really loathe, was fine for the time given. They didn't do a lot, but with minimal time, made stuff matter by quality selling and keeping to a simple structure. I thought the Kaz/Williams match outright sucked. Felt like the opening few minutes of a match and nothing more, never got close to even first gear, plus the few simple things they did like clotheslines seemed awfully telegraphed and gave the whole thing a real choreographed vibe. I liked Abyss eating Pope's punches early, but this only got like two minutes, so forget it. I always thought the best stuff with a wrestler attacking a planted fan in the crowd was Pillman back on Shotgun Saturday Night, but I really dug Abyss attacking the fans. The second guy flew back off of a punch and busted the back of his head on the ramp, and the fourth guy, some poor slob, landed right on top of his head when getting dragged over the rail. Abyss mauling him looked strangely like one of those "when animals attack" videos. The "main event" was angle development for the forthcoming PPV and saw Bischoff eat a big boot by Morgan like Eric's wife eats strangers' cocks (I did read they were swingers somewhere).

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