Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WWE NXT 3/2/10

1. Darren Young vs. David Otunga - 1
2. Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan - 3
3. Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel vs. William Regal and Skip Sheffield - 2

The thing that hurt the opener was its ending. Young did some spinning move that was supposed to end with his opponent landing face-first, Otunga took it on his shoulder, though, and then, bizarrely sold the back of his head during the pin and afterwards. I hope he watches it back on his DVR in his palatial suite with Jennifer Hudson and realizes his folly. Barrett is huge, very physically impressive, but didn't get a good handle on his abilities here. Bryan looked great, though, in some ways better than in his performance the previous week against Chris Jericho, landing a really terrific flying knee off the apron. I liked how he fell off of the rope when attempting a springboard, the agent that put this match together was wise to include that, as it lead perfectly into their finish. The main event dragged a bit, I enjoyed Regal verbally abusing Sheffield, and laughed loudly when while selling a "Twist of Fate" William somehow ended up looking like a pre-schooler doing a front roll during inside recess. Gabriel had some presence and I'm interested in seeing more of his stuff, preferably singles matches as '10 Hardy isn't really my cup of tea.

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