Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nous Observans Chaque Seconde #10


Very busy weekend but got a lot watched, start with CZW's High Stakes show, caught the Danny Havok/ Necro Butcher v. Sami Callihan/ Jon Moxley match with 100 stips attached, this was good hardcore wrestling. It didn't need buckets of blood, or people wrapped in barb wire, but was hard fought and people were getting hurt. Thought all 4 guys did a good job, Callihan is so enveloped in his character it's so fun to watch, his selling, along with Moxley's is top notch, on par with some of the best in the states, Orton, Cena, etc. Necro's 2009 in ROH was abysmal, in my opinion, but here we saw some of what made him, sick nasty bumps, street fight mentality, and nasty brutal punches, I think there's a fan base for him v. Foley as a dream match, i'd love to see it. The finish was pretty, ah, well let's jus say if you're a fan of Japanese Blood Operas, you'll dig it!

Finally! I finally got to see the Triple Tier Cage Blowfest that Hogan and Savage threw for themselves back at Uncensored 1996. Here's the concept for you blissfully ignorant folks: Hulk & Macho enter a cage with roughly 10 dudes in it and they beat them all up and that's exactly what hapenned, you had some awesome dudes in this too, like Arn, Flair, Meng, etc. followed by some terribly shitty workers such as Luger, Jeep Swenson, and Tiny Lister (loved you in Friday, dude!) The inner workings of the cage, as well as the downright worst selling i've seen this side of Tower of Doom, really propel this to be one of the most giant fucking T Rex turds i've ever seen. This was part of an ill fated comp idea of every match where Hulk & Macho either team up or fight against each other, it was at points, quite agonizing. One awesome thing though, is the build up for the match takes place on Nitro, where Hulk & Macho are at first fighting off the Horsemen and Kevin Sullivan, well Pillman was in full blown Loose Cannon mode and just attacks Savage with a verocity we've never seen from Logan in any "X" title movie, these two are literally trying to kill each other, Hulk, unsuccessfully tries to pull Pillman off numerous times, only for them to no sell each other's chops, it's fucking brilliant and i was cracking up watching it.

Finally, Battlarts from 05/14/99, won't comment much on the show as a whole, overall, it was lacking, my favorite fight was Sano v. a young Minoru Fujita, awesome transitions, crazy suplexes and nasty kicks, as well as cool submissions throughout, some other highlights was Ikeda busting Bobby Backlund's nose and crushing his soul, disappointing main, and a fun juniors match early on. Also finished SD!, not much of note, Kane continues to wear down 15 years of hatred i've harbored with an awesome realistic finish on McIntyre and Edge works himself slowly back into competition and it's better than most of his main event output from 2009.


Midterm week really kicked my ass, presented on Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, wrote a seven-page literary analysis, etc. I did manage to watch some of my beloved "grappling theatre". IGF's GENOME11 from 2/11/10 was a lot of fun. Taka Kunou rocks a karate gi like no other, but it was Hikaru Sato's relentless knee strikes that pulled me into their match. Ultimo Dragon looked like he hadn't missed a beat in over a decade, sprinting with former PWG starlet TJ Perkins, although, Asai looked pretty gassed post-match, still a solid performance and gives me hope. Minowa Man and Necro Butcher was a great brawl, lots of nasty shots, like popping each other in the ribs with short jabs, etc. Necro bleeding all over Minowa was a nice visual. I'd been watching Minowa in DREAM so it was cool to see him in this sort of setting. Takayama vs. Predator was right up my alley, Yoshihiro's face looks more and more like The Toxic Avenger's. Maybe he should bring a mop to the ring? You could bring in Tamon Honda and have him work a Dr. Killemoff gimmick and run a Toxic Crusaders-inspired program. I really loved Terkay shoving Takayama onto his ass awkwardly at the beginning. Sapp vs. Barnett, fuck, what can I say? Sapp's offense is so laughable, plus, after seeing some of his '09 MMA fights I've lost all respect for the guy -- getting your ass beat in by Bobby Lashley and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou? And Fedor wants Barnett -- seriously? Dude's over in Japan badly selling double ax handles. Main event was good, Ogawa's lanky ass getting assimilated was enjoyable, and Nakajima and Sawada taking turns slapping each other in the face with their feet was spectacular.

Also, watched Kong & Toyota vs Satomura & Ayako Hamada, GAEA 9/20/02. One of the best matches I've watched this year easily. Such great action, real phenomenal tag wrestling, you've got Manami before she'd broken down completley, Aja is Aja, Hamada I haven't seen a lot of pre-TNA and she blew me away, and Satomura is quickly rising into my all-time favorite wrestlers list. Meiko bumps around and it is just insane how good she looks taking a beating here, not wrestling bumps, flat back and all that wrestling school 101 shit, she looks as if you went into a strangers' house and started throwing them around the place, flying all over and killing herself for our pleasure. There's double teams, nearfalls galore, fantastic selling, building action, etc. You need to see this match.

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