Monday, March 15, 2010

NHO Poll #4

It's time for the monthly poll! Please, if you're going to participate by voting, leave a comment with an explanation for your choice in hopes of generating some pertinent discussion.


Brian said...

I'm voting for Sakuraba (even though I misspelled his name in the poll). He's known as the "IQ Wrestler" in Japan for his brilliance in the arts of catch and freestyle wrestling, as well as his overall cerebral approach. Love to see the Nature Boy scream (he's great at vocal sells) as he gets stretched. Also, would love to see Kazushi's MMA strikes versus Flair's chops. As Davey Boy Meltz said, (Sakuraba is) "a profound phenomenon that comes once in a lifetime".

Geo said...

I chose Curt Hennig. My logic behind this is that if Curt can work such a great 60 min draw with Bockwinkle, it'd be interesting to see what he can do with Flair.

Jessie said...

I went with an outside choice, Atlantis, one of my favorite luchas to watch, i think just the idea of two great workers getting together in such a unnormal circumstance for both would be a pretty neat match.