Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clash of the Champions 10, 13, 18, 24

Clash of the Champions Project

(13) Butch Reed v. Ric Flair- 7
Reed looked really comfortable holding the control here and just bouncing Flair all over the ring, he used several moves over and over again though, nice bridge up in middle, crowd going ape shit, Reed basically just kicks Flair’s ass at one point with nasty streetfight punches, crazy ending sequence when done right makes the match all the better

(18) Steiner Brothers v. Vader/ Mr. Hughes- 6
Total high impact, with not a lot of great selling. All crazy suplexes and clotheslines from all guys. Top rope belly to belly on Vader off top was just insane.

(10) Steiner Brothers v. Doom (Title v. Mask)- 6
This wasn’t pretty by any means, but hard hitting. Steiners were well served to be paired with Doom who could pace well, except stalling. Simmons was a freak for bumping here, Scott’s baby face beat down was emotionless but fun, Rick provided a chuckle in finish.

(24) Ricky Steamboat v. Paul Orndorff- 6
Orndorff cuts a great pace for beginning, love the cover, chinlock, other move, cover combo, really gives match importance. Dragon with a crazy plancha and nice after sell on his own suplex, Orndorff selling is spot on, good near falls same fin as Mania 3

(18) Dustin Rhodes/ Barry Windham/ Ron Simmons v. Arn Anderson/ Bobby Eaton/ Larry Zybyzsko- 5
Heels are working in total Horsemen mode, all cheap shots/ behind the ref’s back stuff. Windham showed tons of intensity here and was major focal point of revenge, looked great, esp. lariats. Eaton was MVP bumping everywhere, and throwing major punches with Rhodes. Finish didn’t really make sense though.

(10) Dr. Death v. Samoan Savage- 5
The prematch amublance skit was beyond absurd, Cool All Japan clotheslines from both guys, Doc had crowd into this one, even during long neck pinch segments. Good stomping from samoan as well, looked real, Doc’s eye rake bump outside was silly

(18) Sting/ Ricky Steamboat v. Steve Austin/ Rick Rude- 5
Good buildup to start, the first section laid perfect groundwork for stellar match, the heat sections on Ricky weren’t very hot, even though he looked decent with selling. Rude’s over the top selling gave a lot back to match, finish was badly conceived and looked even worse in ring than on paper.

(18) Cactus Jack v. Van Hammer (Falls Count Anywhere)- 5
Foley with 2 sick bumps near the beginning, a really unique look to the match, brawled backstage, Hammer’s athleticism helped him keep up, and looked like he belonged, nice carry job by Foley but Hammer kept up.

(24) Vader v. Davey Boy Smith- 5
Vader takes nutso vertical suplex right away on ramp way, then continues to eat meaty bumps throughout. Bulldog sort of emotion-less on his back, can’t emote much of anything except overdose. Vader gives his usual near fall section to Bulldog, who can’t get the crowd behind it as well.

(13) Buddy Landell v. Brian Pillman- 5
Beginning is great sprint, showcasing both guy’s talents, chops from both men are stinging, love Landell’s knee cut offs, cool ramp bump with springboard, big bumps from both in fun match

(18) Marcus Bagwell/ Brian Pillman v. Terry Taylor/ Tracey Smothers- 5
Great opening, Pillman leads by ex. To rookie, Bagwell as green as an unripe banana, way off cue. Pillman’s chop were devilish. Heels lost focus after beginning and their offense section was not good, esp. Smothers.

(24) 2 Cold Scorpio v. Bobby Eaton- 4
Eaton eats 2 Cold’s stuff, but looks very protected. Nice reversals and execution on all his stuff, he and 2 Cold both throw bombs though, middle was pretty boring, but 450 is always cool.

(24) Arn Anderson/ Paul Roma v. Steve Austin/ Lord Regal- 4
Regal’s vocal selling really stood out, Austin tenacious on his attack and just bumping all over the place, Funny Arn moment, where he takes shot at Austin, and even after sells his hand. Roma’s selling is inconsistent but he’s trying to keep up, 80’s hokey manager finish

(10) Road Warriors v. Skyscrapers- 4
Cool Animal v. Callous exchanges, trying some Juniors stuff, impressed with animal’s dropkick, Loved Mark’s armbar reversal on Hawk, usual sick corner post bump from Hawk, Callous is great bumper here and led to crazy aftermath

(10) Brian Pillman/ Tom Zenk v. MOD Squad- 4
More of a match than Main on this show, Basher was good at his bumps, Pillman’s instincts were much more honed than Zenk whose selling was off and on, liked bulldog reversal of fortune and Pillman’s sell of it, nasty double back breaker from MOD’s, Spike was useless here, ugly finish too

(10) Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson v. Buzz Sawyer/ Great Muta/ Dragon Master (Steel Cage)- 4
More of an angle than a match, crazy brawl though, Sawyer group getting crazy cheers, esp. Muta, who played it up, Arn really only one to be working a match, Ole & Sawyer not a lot of selling, DM sold DDT like a ton of bricks at finish, Flair more into spitting on Sting than performing

(13) Freebirds v. Southern Boys- 4
This was a fun sprint, almost became a Freebirds formula match of ducking in and out, some cool punches & hiptosses, ending was neat ironic finish that worked

(10) Norman v. Kevin Sullivan (Falls Count Anywhere)- 3
Really stiff brawl, potatoes left and right, crazy attempt at suplex outside on Norman, fun brawl that went backstage, but ending was ruined because it was a worked ending we didn’t see in women’s restroom

(13) Michael Wall Street v. Starblazer- 3
WS really precise strikes and timing on his moves, liked Star’s vaunted punches, so so dropkicks he used too often, finish was bungled though, recovered with flat move to end

(24) Rick Rude/ Equalizer v. Dustin Rhodes/ Road Warrior Hawk- 3
Rude awesome on selling and getting heat for his opponents, he and Dustin show a lot of chemistry together, Equalizer is beyond awful, botches a neck breaker, unorganized brawl leads directly into the finish as if Hawk just took over running the match

(10) Mil Mascaras v. Cactus Jack- 3
Exhibition basically, Mil just schools Cactus on ground and gives no offense back to him, Cactus’ chair bump outside was worst of comedy, nasty power bombing of himself outside from Cactus

(13) Big Cat v. Brad Armstrong- 3
Brad using very realistic selling and quick harsh bumps to display Cat’s power, threw a good dropkick, he made this short match

(18) Johnny B. Badd v. Richard Morton- 3
Nigel-esque posting from Badd, really nasty shot there. Match was lean on offense, Richard’s slower than before, punches looked awful, terrible ending, just tacked on and bad

(13) Nasty Boys v. The Youngbloods- 3
Had potential, both teams timing was way off on some moves but the YB’s were trying to bump to make up for it, interference ended this prematurely

(24) Sting/ Ric Flair v. Colossal Kongs- 2
Sting basically squashes the team within 30 seconds, with huge body slams & punches, this becomes a quick super hot molten squash

(18) PN News v. DDP- 2
Good effort by Page, pulled off some good bumps even though News’ offense was sloppy. Kind of like blind leading blind, no real ring leader, very short.

(13) Tom Zenk v Brian Lee- 2
Really short match, both guys threw some decent strikes, missed cross body probably hurt

(13) Sgt. Krueger/ Col Deklerk v. The Beast/ Kahlua- 2
Give me the alcoholic treat anytime over this green horn, some ultra stiff shots were the only redeeming quality about this, Deklerk’s style didn’t match this at all, Beast pulled off some nasty slams, but almost everyone here looked amateurish

(13) Steiner Brothers v. Magnum Force- 2
Just a brutal squash, nothing more

(18) Freebirds v. Big Josh/ Brad Armstrong- 2
Garvin mis-stepping a lot in this, team work non existent, just tagging in and out, opening musical act was beyond terrible. Armstrong not his usual decent self either, Josh was sloppy.

(13) Lex Luger v. Motor City Madman- 1
Mad Man barely knew how to bump, he kept spinning around, Luger about killed him with a suplex though

(18) Vinnie Vegas v. Thomas Rich- 1
Short match, nice finish, Rich sold it well, only 3 moves long.

(13) Sid Vicious v. Nightstalker- 1
Some slow striking and unknown arm work here, dangerous back suplex from Sid, Big Cat interferes in his 3rd app. Of show, really silly pin using plastic Halloween ax

(24) Johnny B. Badd v. Maxx Payne- 1
Badd’s clotheslines define pussy, and wearing easily the most ridiculous mask in history, one good rollup segment but finish was a missed splash, huh?


Brian said...

fun to read.. - shame the Clash project couldn't come together.. - but, i still look forward to seeing each and every show in due time for my own sick amusement..

Brian said...

would be curious to see adam's notes on what he watched..