Friday, February 20, 2009

NHO E-Mails: Not Just For the Trash Can Anymore #1

(A lot of times we'll send each other e-mails, like the late-night one I've shared below, and in them will contain little miniature reviews, thoughts on misc. matches, etc. I thought it'd be kind of cool to occasionally post these correspondences, dripping with praise or fueled by rage, showing you another side of the NHO crew.)

hey guys,

anybody catch TNA? that empty arena match was pretty awesome.. - third time it's ever been done.. - of course, it's TNA, so a stupid, shitty, non-ending.. but the brawling was intense.. - kurt taking that fifteen-foot unprotected drop out of the bleachers? are you fucking kidding me? - insane.. - guy's got a death wish.. - kind of makes me want all matches to be without crowds.. as the selling is so much cooler when you can hear all the screams, grunts, trash talk, etc.

sting's promo after the break before the show went off was fabulous, too.. - just as good as cena or piper from raw.. - just look at his eyes.. - crazy intensity.. - saying how after 20 years in the buisness nobody had ever disrespected him like kurt did when he spat that goober in his face post-match.. - i'm loving it.. - i'd kill for a sting house show apperance at the 'nati gardens..

just watched some UWF, too.. - damn, dr. death can be an unmitigated prick.. but boy does Paul Orndorff look tits in this.. - they had a lumberjack match.. - you've probably got it on your DVR, adam.. - pretty solid.. orndorff's selling is just light years beyond wiliams'.. - bob orton and foley are pretty funny outside the ring hamming it up.. - god i love wrestling.. off to re-discover memphis power pro for TV month..

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Jessie said...

the novelty of the empty arena match was better than the actual match.....but completely agree with the noise level being so low, you can hear all the punches being laid stuff