Friday, February 27, 2009

Necro Butcher vs. Davey Richards - (IWA-MS 8/4/07) - 4

This is billed as “strong style” versus “hardcore”, in what may have been part of a small tournament, I’m not entirely clear and my only interest is in the carnage I knew would ensue. IWA Mid-South is dark, dingy, and dirty, similar to the seedy motel most men find themselves having affairs in, be it with an attractive business partner from the office, or a teenaged male pedaling his goods for the extra cash. This starts out on the floor, the sparse crowd mills about, careful not to step the ROH digital video discs they just blew their meager earnings on.

We’ve got Necro’s punches versus Davey’s explosive kicks, a battle I enjoy seeing played out. Necro holds a chair behind Richards’ back, bodyslamming both hard onto the floor. One of the announcers is a piece of excrement, blowing BJ Whitmer and making corny jabs at the Internet message board scene. The spot of the match comes when Necro is lying on the floor, buried underneath a pile of chairs, and Richards gets in the ring only to gain momentum to then fly over the top rope, crushing Necro with a sommersault in a great spot. The end, after around ten minutes of fairly slow, meandering brawling, features Necro getting a surprise roll-up on a distracted Richards, hell, I’d be stunned too if I saw Whitmer’s pockmarked face in my vicinity.

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