Sunday, August 12, 2007

TNA Impact 5/24/07

1. Kip James and Lance Hoyt vs. Damaja and Doug Basham – 1
2. Tyson Tomko and Christian Cage vs. L.A.X. – 3
3. Sting vs. Samoa Joe – 3

This pestilent pile of putrid pathetic product comes from the swell chaps down in sunny Orlando, FL. What the hell is Hoyt doing with a “tramp stamp”? You know, those tacky lower-back tattoos that are all the rage for desperate destitute despots? Hoyt’s looks incredibly ridiculous, as does Kip James when he tries to effectively sell the offense of their unremarkable opponents. Tomko teaming with Giant Bernard in NJPW I can handle, but working throwaway bouts with Jay Reso? The burial of L.A.X. can only be seen as comparable to that of Melquiades Estrada – and I’m thinking Adam will be the only fortunate soul that gets that righteous reference. Sting and Samoa Joe are two bona fide superstars, so, you’d expect them to have a great main event match together, right? Well, you’d be sadly mistaken my friend, as this was the proverbial salt on the open wound on your cock come honeymoon night.

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