Sunday, August 12, 2007

TNA Impact- 05/24/07

1 Basham/ Damaja v. Kip James/ Lance Hoyt- 1
2 LAX v. Christian Cage/ Tomko- 2
3 Samoa Joe v. Sting- 3

This opening tag match left much to be desired, the same as when Christy Hemme opens up Hoyt's pants at night. Kip James continues to straggle the line between pitiful veteran or misunderstood never was. The Bashams exude absolutely no emotion whatsoever, like me when I look at the art piece "American Gothic" or when anyone watches a Halle Berry drama. LAX continue on their downward spiral, losing to Cage and Billy Goat Gruff. Christian and Homicide worked a few sequences, but neither did any kind of selling for the spots. Tomko displayed some power briefly and Hernandez stood on the apron like a scolded child. Joe and Sting could have been a huge sell out for TNA on a PPV show, but instead they squander both men in a 6 minute snore fest on Impact. Joe sold a rear chinlock like he made squishee in his shorts and the death valley driver finish left me puzzled, wondering how often these men are laughing at their banks depositing their next paycheck.

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