Friday, June 1, 2007

WWF Summerslam 93

1 Razor Ramon v. Ted Dibiase-4
2 Heavenly Bodies v. Steiner Brothers- 5
3 Shawn Michaels v. Curt Henning-4
4 IRS v. 1-2-3 Kid- 4
5 Doink v. Bret Hart-4
6 Bret v. Jerry Lawler-3
7 Ludvig Borga v. Marty Jannetty-3
8 Undertaker v. Giant Gonzalez-1
9 Smoking Gunns/ Tatanka v. Bam Bam Bigelow/ Headshrinkers-5
10 Lex Luger v. Yokozuna-2

In Dibiase's final match, he works a decent encounter with Ramon, filled with flashes of his technical brilliance. The Steiners vs. Bodies was the best match of the show, with some cool tag work. Both teams were trying things that were a little crazy, but then they would back it off and go back to a chin lock which was interesting to see. Michaels and Henning were flipping like Power Rangers on every sell and they had some good chemistry but the match was booked in a convoluted way and actually their selling distracted me, it was over the top. Kid and IRS went by quickly but had some sparks of good wrestling. Doink and Bret worked each other stiff, but the finish was a DQ, then Lawler came in and completed a gimmick heavy no contest with Hart in one of his more forgettable matches. Jannetty tried really hard to put over Borga, but he needed some help. Borga looked stiffer than Arnold in the Terminator, or in True Lies during the strip tease scene. Those Finnish really can't party. Taker and Gonzalez' s match looked like two blind emus humping. The six man was pretty stiff, given some good time and was kept fresh by lots of tags. And the main event was craptacular to say the least. Yoko could move for a big man, but wasn't into this. Luger celebrating like he won the Olympics after a count out victory defines stupidity. Not a great Summerslam, by standards, but somewhat entertaining.

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