Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WWE Saturday Night's Main Event - 6/2/07

1) John Cena vs. The Great Khali – 4
2) Bobby Lashley vs. Mark Henry – Arm Wrestling Match – 0
3) Chris Benoit & Batista vs. Edge & M.V.P – 4
4) The Boogeyman & Mini-Boogeyman vs. Finlay & Hornswoggle – 2
5) Kane, Doink, & Eugene vs. Kevin Thorn, Viscera, & Umaga – 2

In the tradition of the old-school SNMEs, the main event kicks off the show. Khali dominated the match and Cena sold like crazy but it a basic TV match. I’m telling you there’s nothing like giving away the main event of your pay-per-view on free TV the night before the pay-per-view. Anyway, Khali pinned Cena cleanly to buildup the fact that, yes, he might actually win the title at One Night Stand. The arm wrestling match was supposed to be Vinnie Mac against Lashley but before the contest, the McManiac called down Mark Henry to do the dirty work in his place. We all know how these work anyway … bad guy gains first advantage, good guy regains advantage, bad guy doesn’t like this so he slugs good guy with his free arm … and that’s exactly how it went down. The tag match from Smackdown wasn’t anything new or exciting but it was solid for a 10-minute TV match. The finish saw Edge bailing on his partner and Benoit getting the pin after the swandive headbutt. Why is it I’m not really enthused about the Edge/Batista feud? Could it be the fact I don’t give a rat’s ass about Batista? Yeah … that’s pretty much it.

The match with Finlay and Boogeyman was not really fun at all. To be honest, it wasn’t even necessary. The highlight for me was Finlay knocking the shit out of Mini-Boogey with some stiff kicks. From there, the extremely crappy Nitro Girl imitation danced to the delight of no one. The dancing was interrupted by Hornswoggle getting chased by Mini-Boogey. The six-man tag was a mess of epic porportions. Doink tried to get the crowd into it by doing the old “boo … yay” trick but it was to no avail. The match itself was nothing of any consequence and really made me question my logic in staying up late to watch it.

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