Saturday, June 23, 2007

JCW SlamTV! #2

1. Josh Abercrombie and Jimmy Jacobs vs. Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo – 2
2. 2-Tuff Tony vs. “Holy” Trent Acid – 2

What I Liked:
I liked Necro pummeling Abercrombie relentlessly throughout their match. I was relieved to see the Tracey Smothers versus Zach Gowen match reduced to mere highlights, instead of being forced to watch the whole thing.

What I Disliked:
Pondo tossing Jacobs around by his nipple piercings had me aghast. The blatant homosexual gimmick should be permanently retired, alongside wrestlers who second as plumbers, matadors, race car drivers, and tax agents. Tony basically ripped The Sandman’s gimmick – smoking and drinking alcohol pre-match, looking like a repulsive piece of shit. There were a couple big bumps in both matches; but overall, they weren’t incorporated into the match, or in a context, where they seemed important or significant.

Some reason the people at the venue in Grand Rapids thought it’d be a good idea to sell large plastic pitchers of beer – many of them ended up tossed into the ring, coming dangerously close, and on occasion, hitting the wrestlers, which isn’t cool. If you’re going to throw anything at these guys, throw business cards and applications, so they can move on.

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