Thursday, April 12, 2007

WWE Armageddon 2006

1) Kane vs. M.V.P – Inferno Match – 4
This was an interesting match to kick off the show with. There’s only so much you can do in one of these matches and they did just about it. Kane tried to light a turnbuckle pad on fire and the flames on one side went out. M.V.P. got tossed outside and Kane did a decent clothesline. The finish came when MVP’s ass was set on fire and he ran around like and idiot. A decent match mainly because the inferno stipulation hasn’t been done to death like everything else.

2) Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor vs. The Hardys vs. MNM – Four Way Ladder Match – 8
This was originally supposed to be Regal & Taylor against London & Kendrick. However, the ladder stip and the additions of the Hardys and MNM cranked the awesomeness factor up several notches. Needless to say, I actually had a chill down my spine before the bell even rang. Once it did ring, it was total chaos. It started off slow and Regal & Taylor eventually got lost in the shuffle. There was a sick teeter-totter spot midway through in which Mercury got smacked right in the face and damn near got his nose ripped off. He was immediately hauled out. I thought the match was over early but no, they kept going! Kendrick tried his Sliced Bread #2 on Regal and kinda botched it. Jeff got kicked off the super ladder and fell throat first on the top rope. London scaled the ladder in the end to keep the belts for him and Kendrick. This was an awesome, awesome match and definitely worth going out of your way to see.

3) The Boogeyman vs. The Miz – 1
A retard against a caveman … need I say more? Boogey wins after a two-minute squash. Yuck.

4) Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero – 6
The pace slowed with this one. They worked a little better match than they had at Survivor Series and they didn’t seem as rushed. Benoit hit eight Germans in a row on Chavo in a somewhat memorable spot. Vickie tried to interfere in the end and Benoit teased putting her in the sharpshooter. Chavo got the roll-up from behind and Benoit reversed that into a sharpshooter to make Chavo tap. Again, nothing memorable but they worked hard and put together a solid match.

5) Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Gregory Helms – 5
I hate this damn gimmick that Yang has. This wasn’t your typical cruiserweight match and the crowd was not liking it at all. There were numerous “bor-ing” chants throughout the match. Helms scored with a nice neckbreaker on the outside and a swank top-rope neckbreaker. Yang missed the twisting senton and Helms was dripping blood from his mouth following the win. Once again, a solid match and I liked the pace they were working but the crowd hated it. JBL went off on a rant about the crowd afterward.

6) The Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy – Last Ride Match – 5
The object of this one is to put your opponent in a hearse and drive it out of the arena. Taker worked Kennedy to start by flinging him into the ring apron. They did the leg drop spot from No Mercy where Taker hung Kennedy over the apron. Taker got thrown off of the set and onto a badly disguised pad. Kennedy stuffed Taker in the hearse and then got caught in a triangle choke and dragged out the back. Kennedy got busted open and was finished after a chokeslam and tombstone on top of the hearse. Good brawling in this one and nothing less. I’m not sure where Taker goes from here.

7) King Booker & Finlay vs. John Cena & Batista – 3
This was a total mess. It started hot but quickly lost everything. All four men ended up brawling in the ring. Finlay’s leprechaun kicked himself in the face for no reason and Batista and Booker had no communication whatsoever and loitered around worse than Jay and Silent Bob. They couldn’t even pull off a simple side slam! Booker started sandbagging towards the end. I say good for him because maybe that’ll make Batista work. Batista got the pin with a shitty powerbomb. Quite possibly the worst pay-per-view main event of the year from WWE. A bad ending to an otherwise good show.

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