Thursday, April 12, 2007

WWE Amargeddeon 2006

The final PPV of the year (Smackdown branded).

1 Kane v. MVP- Inferno Match- 4

A very unique gimmick match, but did this feud really warrant it? I mean, MVP beat him twice, is that worthy of setting him on fire? They did what they could (we've seen it before), then they did in a ring surrounded by flame. Its still cool seeing the flames rise every time they hit the mat. I guess it's the inner camper in me.

2 London/ Kendrick v. Regal/ Taylor v. MNM v. Hardys (Ladder Match)- 9

FINALLY, WWE gives back to the fans who spend their hard earned money on their ppv's by giving them a nice surprise. This would have been worth it to me to buy this show. The match was unbelievable; every guy in it tried new things and they pulled them off beautifully. Jeff Hardy has re-invented himself by being his old self- huh? But amazing! A Match of the Year for me. This hopefully could renew Tag wrestling in WWE and show that it still rocks all that is holy inside wrestling ropes. This was a living car crash and it kept replaying over and over again. And Joey Mercury!, Damn, that was sick! Watch this show, but more importantly, watch this match! BACK THE FUCK OFF OF SMACKDOWN! HOLLA HOLLA, PEANUT HEAD!

3 Boogeyman v. The Miz- 1

Miz looked like a child in Boogey's arms during this finish. The worm thing is still gross; neither guy has a long career in front of them.

4 Chris Benoit v. Chavo Guerrero- 6

Another solid effort from these two professionals. Suplexes are thrown around like morning papers and Benoit retains. Brian posed this question last night and I pose it to you fans: "Did Vickie Guerrero have to get tit implants?" I find that in poor taste. Eddie's widow trying to show off her old goods; for some reason I kept thinking they were going to go down that incest angle with her and Chavo; hell, Vince wanted Steph to be having his kid. That sick fuck.

5 Gregory Helms v. Jimmy Wang Yang- 5

A good match; maybe it is time for Helms to move up to US division. He has good mic skills; I liked his commentary the other week on SD. Yang has tightened his game a lot.

6 Undertaker v. Mr. Kennedy (Last Ride)- 4

This was a bust. Even the little kids in the sports bar watching knew Taker landed on a crash pad. I thought brawling in the castle was neat, but the payoff was a premature ejaculation. Taker rising up in the hearse got a huge pop where I was too; but ultimately this match felt flat.

7 Batista/ John Cena v. King Booker/ Finlay- 3

They've done better shit on Smackdown and wrestled longer. Get Dave and the King out of the ring with each other! They just can't figure the other one out and it's messing up my TV when they wrestle. This was a flop of a main event.

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