Thursday, April 5, 2007

ECW on Sci-Fi - 4/3/07

1) C.M. Punk vs. Steven Richards - 3
2) Hardcore Holly vs. Snitsky - 2
3) ECW Originals (RVD, Dreamer, Sabu, & Sandman) vs. New Breed (Burke, Striker, Corvon, & Thorn) – Extreme Rules Match – 5

Punk did a nice job of selling the ribs from the Money in the Bank Match at Wrestlemania in a very sound match with Richards. Crowd was very hot for Punk and afterwards, Punk was shown talking with Striker and Corvon about joining the New Breed. Holly and Snitsky was a throw-away bout that provided the crowd with a bathroom break. Snitsky did the old break the arm in the stairs trick to get him over as a monster. It doesn’t really matter because Snitsky will still suck. The main event was a fun little brawl that got the crowd really into it. Sabu and RVD did their trademark double team spots. The end was Burke delivering the double knee to Sabu who went headfirst into a table for the win. Everything really clicked and oddly enough, I found myself cheering for the New Breed mainly because I’d met Corvon and Thorn the night before at a Steak N Shake, but that’s another story for another time.

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Jessie said...

I remember digging that huge hardcore of the only things that worked when they did that New Breed feud.....go ahead...retell that Steak n' Shake's hilarious!.....even funnier that now all those guys would even more so gladly take your generous handout!