Thursday, March 1, 2007

ECW December to Dismember 2006

1) The Hardys vs. MNM – 5 – This was decent. MNM looked a little sloppy, probably due to the fact that they hadn’t tagged together since Judgment Day back in May. Jeff’s sells were really sloppy and lazy and naturally Matt did all the work to carry the team. There were a few cool spots but nothing that was really noteworthy.

2) Balls Mahoney vs. Matt Striker – 2 – Typical TV match. Nothing too notable or interesting here except if you want to see Balls Mahoney chain wrestle. Striker had a picture of himself on the back of his tights and looked utterly ridiculous.

3) The FBI vs. Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay – 3 – Decent tag match but in reality was a total squash for Burke and Terkay. I wish FBI would get more TV time.

4) Tommy Dreamer vs. Daivari – 3 – This was probably Dreamer’s best match in the last few months. He bumped good and did his part. Khali got ejected after some interference and Daivari won by pulling the tights. Khali slammed Dreamer on the stage after the match and we move on.

5) Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly vs. Kevin Thorn & Ariel – 1 – I think the rating speaks for itself. Knox walked out on Kelly and the crowd, which had been dead since after the opening match, pulled out razor blades in an attempt to do a mass suicide.

6) Bobby Lashley vs. The Big Show vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly vs. C.M. Punk vs. Test – Extreme Elimination Chamber Match – 6 – This was different than the other chamber matches in the fact that it had weapons involved. I haven’t seen a chamber match in a while but from what I remember they were pretty dull. This one was pretty crazy though because everyone put forth an effort and the weapons added a lot. The booking, on the other hand, left a lot to be desired. Twice there was one person in the ring when the timer went off and right after RVD got eliminated, you could pretty much tell that Lashley was going to win the belt.

The show as a whole will be forgotten in the grand scheme of things and will probably never be spoken of again in certain circles. The chamber match was a decent capper to an otherwise bland pay-per-view.

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