Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brian Pillman DVD - Disc 2

1) Brian Pillman, The Steiner Brothers, & Sting vs. Ric Flair, Larry Zbyszko, Sid Vicious, & Barry Windham – War Games Match – 7
2) Brian Pillman vs. Ricky Morton – 5
3) Brian Pillman & El Gigante vs. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham – Loser Leaves Town Match – 3
4) Brian Pillman & Barry Windham vs. Johnny Gunn & Tom Zenk – 4
5) The Hollywood Blondes vs. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas – Cage Match – 6
6) Brian Pillman, Dustin Rhodes, & Sting vs. Rick Rude, Paul Orndorff, & Steve Austin – Thundercage Match – 6
7) Brian Pillman vs. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger (9/4/95) – 5
8) Brian Pillman vs. Dean Malenko – 4
9) Brian Pillman vs. Eddie Guerrero – 4
10) Brian Pillman vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – 5
11) Brian Pillman, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, & Jim Neidhart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, The Legion of Doom, & Goldust – 8
12) Brian Pillman vs. Goldust – 5
13) Brian Pillman vs. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger (2/29/92) – 7

I really miss the days of the War Games match as this was one of the best that WCW ever presented. Flair was selling great, the Steiners were tossing everyone around the ring, Sid was powerbombing everyone in sight. The finish came when Sid damn near broke Pillman’s neck after a botched powerbomb. It’s an awesome match and I strongly urge you to seek it out. The match with Morton was clipped off the commercial tape of Halloween Havoc 91 and I was really pissed about it when I saw the tape. The match itself was pretty simple with very little high-risk. It was a fun little match but nothing groundbreaking outside of Pillman becoming the first light heavyweight champion. The tag match with El Gigante was from a Clash episode in mid-1991. It offered nothing aside from Pillman losing the fall which would lead to the useless Yellow Dog angle which isn’t even covered on the DVD. I’m not sure why the tag match against Gunn and Zenk was included. I’ve seen Pillman and Zenk tear down the house but this wasn’t it. The cage match against Steamboat and Douglas is timeless. Austin and Pillman were bumping big, Steamboat was flying off the cage, and Douglas was working the mat game. The six-man thundercage match was also fun to watch as is anything that involves any of those involved. Austin was really bumping big into the cage and lost the fall after Pillman was slammed onto him by Sting. The match with Liger from 95 is the first ever Monday Nitro match. Pillman blew two headscissor takeovers right in a row and seemed to be off his game a little bit. Perhaps it was because they were working a TV match, but I definitely wanted more out of it. The matches with Malenko and Guerrero were right at the end of Pillman’s WCW run and really the only highlight of these two is were Pillman rips off Bobby Heenan’s jacket in the match with Guerrero and pisses him off so badly that Heenan drops the “F” bomb on live TV.

The singles match with Austin has some intensity to it and featured Pillman busting his nose after Austin shoved a chair in his face. This also set up the big ten-man tag match which is probably one of the best all around main events that the WWF(E) has ever presented. There was incredible storytelling, the Calgary crowd was super-hot, and everything was executed flawlessly. I strongly urge you to seek this match out as well. The match with Goldust was his final high profile match before his death. There wasn’t much there but it was some good storytelling and Goldust looked motivated. The last match presented is the historic match from WCW SuperBrawl II that put the light heavyweight/crusierweight division on the map in the United States. Both guys worked really hard and had a fantastic twenty minute match and it’s hard to imagine where wrestling today would be without it. While some of the matches that were on this set weren’t the best, I would still place this in the recommended category because of all the great WCW footage that is involved.


Brian said...

can't believe you gave the Pillman/Luger match a 5.. - i thought it blew away the '95 Pillman/Liger, Pillman/Goldust, and several more on the discs..

Adam said...

i just really didn't think it was all that great. yeah it was a good match and all but i thought it was just another run of the mill match ... mainly because of Luger but i won't be picky.