Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hardcore Homecoming – 6/10/05

1. CW Anderson and Simon Diamond vs. Chris Chetti and Mikey Whipwreck – 3
2. Tracy Smothers vs. Blue Meanie – 1
3. Kid Kash vs. Too Cold Scorpio – 5
4. John Kronus and New Jack vs. Ian and Axl Rotten – 2
5. Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn – 6
6. Sandman vs. Raven – 4
7. Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas vs. Sabu – Barbed Wire Match – 5

This was the reunion show at the original E.C.W. Arena featuring a lot of their old roster. The guys in the opening tag match looked as if they hadn’t wrestled in months, if not longer, which is likely true for most of them. The timing in this match was awful, and it was obvious not much care was put into conceiving it. Smothers and Meanie’s match was one big comedy spot. Kash and Scorpio may not have done it for the casual fan, but knowing Too Cold’s extensive Japanese experience, it wasn’t that they didn’t mesh well together as it may have appeared, but in fact, Scorpio was working a slower paced, more psychologically sound match. I’ve always liked Scorpio’s work, and this match was no exception.

The following tag match was your typical barbaric, clustered, unmemorable E.C.W. brawl. What bothered me the most, and it absolutely drove me nuts, was that there was no finish to the match. After beating, battering, and bloodying each other—the combatants simply stopped fighting, and it ended. If wrestling is supposed to be the art of performing what should when done properly be a real fight, how does one explain this? These guys stopped fighting completely, and then stood around just sort of acknowledging each other, finally strolling leisurely to the back.

Lynn and Credible had the best match of the night. This wasn’t comparable to their old stuff together, but it was the match that most single-handedly on this show reminded me of the energy of the old E.C.W. that I once cherished. Sandman and Raven went through the motions, in a blatantly tame rendition of their old battles. The main event featured barbed wire, so for that alone some may find it notable, but ultimately, it was a big disappointment. Sabu, as expected, took the majority of the sick bumps. Douglas didn’t belong in this type of match, not now and not 10 years ago either, and Funk, who’s now over 60 years old, should have been at home sitting on a recliner watching Smackdown!.

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