Monday, February 6, 2006

WWE Velocity 12/31/05

1. Simon Dean vs. Brian Kendrick - 5
2. Paul Burchill vs. John Xavier - 5
3. Paul London vs. Jamie Noble - 5
4. L.O.D. vs. Nunzio and Vito - 3

Dean worked pretty stiff, and Kendrick was bumping pretty well for him. Xavier looked very impressive, throwing a lot of high knees. Burchill did a standing moonsault Rock Bottom, a truly bizarre move to witness, and then dropped a huge knee off the top turnbuckle onto Xavier’s kidneys to win. London and Noble worked well together, with Noble mostly on the defensive. I’d like to see them work together more in the future. The main event had potential, but instead dwelled in mediocrity, in a rather short and uneventful match, that ended with Nunzio almost getting killed with the Doomsday Device.

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