Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Ultimate Warrior: Disc 2

1 Warrior v. Hercules( at MSG)- 4
2 Warrior v. Sgt. Slaughter( SNME)- 1
3 Warrior v. Randy Savage( Summerslam 92)- 5

The MSG match featured a tantalizing neck sell by Herc(affectionately referred by from Gorilla Monsoon), but little else. The Slaughter match was the most low impact match I have seen in a while. Not one punch, kick, or wrestling move looked like it would hurt a septuagenarian. The Summerslam match was the exact opposite. The best and nicest term I can give to describe it would be physical. There was some Flair and Henning interference that seemed to be designed to spice things up, but I think that pot of chili was already tainted.

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Brian said...

i think this post marks the only place on the 'net, thereby the world at large, where Gorilla Monsoon's using the word "Herc" is immortalized.. congrats..