Thursday, August 30, 2012

2nd Annual Battle of the WWF Superstars

Again, as with most future reviews, this is pulled straight from my hand written notes.

1) Mr. Perfect vs. Roddy Piper - 3
Lots of brawling and punching from Piper. Perfect did some wild comedic selling with his singlet around his feet while taking some punches. Good nearfall on a Perfect Plex. Some decent brawling on the outside. Great pinball sell off the exposed corner by Perfect. Piper seemed content just to rely on his punching.

2) The Nasty Boys vs. The Bushwhackers – 3
Never was a Bushwhackers fan. Luke’s punched in the corner were terrible. I’ve seen cats fight with more intensity than the Bushwhackers. Their double team moves looked bad as well. Wild miss in the corner on an elbow by Sags. Really felt like the Nasties made the Bushwhackers work for it.

3) Bret Hart vs. The Barbarian – 3
Barbarian controlled from beginning. Match went maybe five minutes. Not really a lot to it. Seemed like both were just coasting through. Sunset flip finish was a different change than seeing Bret use the sharpshooter. Damn, the referee was ancient.

4) Kato vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts – 4
Interesting to see Kato in a singles match. Beginning had a good, quick pace. Liked how Kato sold with the body since the mask didn’t allow him to do any facials. Some decent sells by Jake on the outside. Kato looked surprisingly good working singles. DQ finish with Tanaka interfereing after the DDT. Tanaka looked like a fool on the post match beat down.

5) Sgt. Slaughter vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan – Flag Match – 4
Lots of big heavy punching from Duggan. Slaughter had some decent offense and busted out a pretty nice backbreaker and a big flying knee from the top. Awesome face first bump off the top by Slaughter after getting shoved off by Hogan. Hacksaw sold his beating like a dead fish and looked like a drunk while stuck in a headlock. Blatant interference throughout the match by Hogan and then interference at the end from both Hogan and Gen. Adnan. DQ finish with a post-match beatdown of Hogan and Duggan.

6) Smash vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan – 4
When I heard Smash’s music, I didn’t even know who it was. Pretty surprised at how good Smash was working here in a singles. Liked this as it was pretty hard hitting all the way through. Five minute match but better than I thought it would be. Didn’t really have a lot of meat. Forgot when Smash was ran as a singles.

7) Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior – 0
Match went 90 seconds. Complete squash and Savage didn’t even look like he cared as he put up zero offense and bolted immediately after. A complete waste.

8) Ted DiBiase vs. Tugboat – 4
Liked Tugboat’s big clotheslines and elbows. Very interesting match on paper. DiBiase had his usual good bumping and selling. Tugboat threw some had shots on the outside. Really good effort by DiBiase when he had the Dream applied. Not a bad match and some decent stuff here from both guys. Felt like a match that could have headlined an episode of Prime Time Wrestling.

9) Paul Roma, Hercules, & The Warlord vs. The Legion of Doom & The British Bulldog – 2
This was touted on the tape as the “Coliseum Video Tag Team Match of the Month”. Good first exchange by Animal and Warlord. Offense from Roma and Hercules pretty bland. Bulldog did a decent job of playing the face in peril but crowd never really got behind him. Ref was pretty quick to throw it out when all six guys started brawling. Can’t give it a much higher rating.

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