Monday, September 10, 2012

Hardy Boyz vs. Mr. Perfect & Big Boss Man

Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Perfect & Big Boss Man - WWE Raw 4/1/02 - 5

Two guys I dug from the early-'90's versus two of my favorites from the late-'90's.  Matt bumps big off of a BBM sidewalk slam.  Hennig is great at choking Matt while the ref is distracted.  The veterans are sharp and focused.  Too bad this team didn't get a run.  Great facial on a missed splash into the corner by Boss Man who crotches himself and drools everywhere.  Jeff has anime hair and gets a hot tag but the crowd cools down to a simmer quickly.  Jeff seems to have stolen a pair of Arsenio Hall's purple pants from '92.  Fucking delicious finish with BBM eating a Twist of Fate>Swanton combination and selling it like a precursor to his own death.

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